Episode 17... Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Bunians claimed that they have been created not long after Prophet Adam a.s. was created. Why didn’t they appear to the human beings back during our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. 1.543 kata lagi

Puteri Nur

Episode 16... Sakas & Djins

Let me make some points clear to all:

  • Puteri Nur is not a Prophet. Allah have clearly stated that our Prophet Muhammad s.aw. is the last and final Prophet.
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Puteri Nur

Episode 15... The Whys

As each day passed, we learned more and more of who Puteri Nur is. The struggles that she go through is not something to be reckoned with. 1.283 kata lagi

Puteri Nur

Episode 14... Potential Move?

Once MH and MFH were back at home, life was back to normal. MFH did turn slightly yellow in his first week at home, but with great nursing and attention, MFH soon recovered. 803 kata lagi

Puteri Nur

Episode 13... A Special Delivery

Months passed by. MH was already in her 40th week of pregnancy. Of course there were various false alarms through the waiting period, but that was already expected. 1.569 kata lagi

Puteri Nur

Episode 12... Allah Knows Best

On the 8th week of pregnancy, MH went to see Dr. Pang as usual for her fortnightly checkup. During the last visit, Dr. Pang have already advised us that there’s a 50-50 chance that the tiny twin won’t survive as the heartbeat has slowed down by quite a lot. 558 kata lagi

Puteri Nur

Episode 11... Allah's Will

We came home and told our kids that we’re having twins and they were jumping all about with joy. MH still looked concerned, and I do understand why. 602 kata lagi

Puteri Nur