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Assorted Qur'an Benefits #23

What follows are  brief benefits originally posted on our Facebook and Telegram pages in January and the beginning of February 2018:

♦ The Importance of Learning Arabic… 1.180 kata lagi


Mengenal Strategi Iblis


Sedikit nota di ‘copypaste’ dari Fb Rumah RAMI. Dari kuliah Khazanah Al Fatihah.

Mengenal Strategi Iblis (7:16-17)

Godaan dari depan

Godaan Iblis daripada depan, ia menghalang manusia untuk tampak akhirat. 242 kata lagi


Tafsir of Ayah al-Kursi: Faisal Aal Mubarak

Due to its significance and importance, much space has been given to discussing ayah al-Kursi in the books of tafsir. Not least among these are the famous books of… 2.190 kata lagi


A Warning to the Family of Fir'awn: Sheikh Saalih Aal al-Sheikh

The following points of benefit were taken from the social media pages of sheikh Saalih Aal al-Sheikh:

قال تعالى:”ولقد جاء ءال فرعون النذر” والآل ترجع إلى من تبع الرجل في دينه، وآل فرعون من كان على ملة فرعون وعلى دينه.ـ

218 kata lagi

Kashmir lockdown fails the Test of Reasonableness & Proportionality

Indian Supreme Court

A petition was filed in the Indian Supreme Court on Tuesday challenging the curbs imposed by the government in Kashmir for the past 90 days as unreasonable and disproportionate.[ 2.390 kata lagi


Quranic Progression : Prophetic Guidance

An in-depth study of the Quran encompassing many of its different sciences and interpretations including; the eloquence and practicalities of the language, its effect on major principles in theology and Islamic law, and spiritual wisdoms gained through a contemplation of its words.

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Reconciling Differing Reports About Whether a Surah is Makki or Madani

While most surahs of the Qur’an are unanimously categorized as either Makki or Madani, there have been differing reports and opinions about the proper classification of a small group of twelve… 1.078 kata lagi