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Saudi Coalition Weakens Iranian Influence

Foreign ministers of the Arab League last week announced their agreement to form a Joint Arab Strike Force for rapid intervention in troubled hot spots. 801 more words


The Geopolitics behind the War in Yemen (I) -- Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | Strategic Culture Foundation

The Geopolitics behind the War in Yemen (I)

Strategic Culture Foundation

Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 30.03.2015 | 00:00

The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became very uneasy when the Yemenese or Yemenite movement of the Houthi or Ansarallah (meaning the supporters of God in Arabic) gained control of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa/Sana, in September 2014. 2.204 more words

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Imams Online Launch Internet Campaign against ISIS Propaganda

Hope Not Hate also have this story, Imams To ‘Reclaim Internet’ From Extremists, reporting that their partners in combating religious extremism, Imams Online, have launched a new site to combat terrorist propaganda from groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. 140 more words


Sen. Richard Black: Syria fought terrorism successfully and will be victorious

SYRIA 360°


Virginia, SANA

U.S. Senator Richard Black said that Syria fought terrorism successfully and is heading towards victory, warning those who want Syria to fall that terrorism will head to Jordan, Lebanon, and Europe if the terrorisms manage to achieve their goals in Syria. 330 more words


Yemen On The Brink Of Collapse

Yemen is no stranger to crisis. Exposed to a regional proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, plagued by an entrenched Al Qaeda affiliate, and divided by tribal disputes and a secession movement, the country has become a poster child for everything that can go wrong in the Arab world. 662 more words


History of Violence in the Middle East: Part 1

The Middle East, alongside Muslims. are constantly in the news and the media in general. This region is seen as one of the most violent in the world, if not… 1.156 more words


Two Policemen Shot, Injured In Saudi Arabia

Two police officers have been shot and injured in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Saudi capital Riyadh, local authorities have said. 140 more words