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Londres y lecciones del terrorismo.


Un ciudadano británico en un auto y armado con un cuchillo de cocina paralizó el corazón de la capital inglesa. Fue un   “lobo solitario” inspirado por el Estado Islámico (EI). 530 kata lagi

‘Mission Accomplished’ Will Never Come in Afghanistan

What would you do if your boss ordered you to teach a sheep to fly? Because I have the luxury of tenure, I like to think I would tell him or her that the task was impossible and politely suggest they seek medical attention. 1.491 kata lagi


The War in Yemen: Two Years Old and Maturing?

The United Nations has stated that, of the four famines predicted for 2017, Yemen is the worst, with seven million people close to starvation and a further ten million in urgent need. 2.153 kata lagi


ISIS Threatens Iran for tolerating Jews, but considering ISIS cooperation with israel, is strange

ISIS Threatens Iran for Tolerating Jews

Rare Farsi Video Slams Iranian Govt for Offering Protection to Religious Minority

ISIS has released a new propaganda video, this one unusually in Farsi language and directed specifically at Iran, threatening to destroy the current government of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and declaring Khamenei a “cursed person.” 150 kata lagi

Al Qaeda

US Support Lets Global Terrorism Flourish

US Support Lets Global Terrorism Flourish

by Stephen Lendman

America created ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. It maintains support for the scourge it claims to oppose. 539 kata lagi


Washington is Killing More Civilians than Terrorists in the Middle East

Washington is Killing More Civilians than Terrorists in the Middle East

The recent strike launched by the US-led coalition some 20 miles to the west of al-Raqqah resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths, as the bombs hit… 784 kata lagi