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Erdogan Admits Direct Support for Terrorists in Syria

Erdogan Admits Direct Support for Terrorists in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan admitted that Ankara has directly supported militants in Syria, Al-Alam News Network reports. 314 kata lagi

War On Syria


Ziad Fadel 


AL-ZABADAANI: The Ministry of Defense will not allow any announcements until the entire town is cleaned out completely.  I have written about this before.  714 kata lagi

War On Syria

Carving Out Kurdistan – The US/NATO Plan To Break Up Syria and Iraq, ignoring fact most Kurds live in Turkey

Carving Out Kurdistan – The US/NATO Plan To Break Up Syria and Iraq

By Brandon Turbeville

Over the last few months, Americans who pay attention to current events have been treated to a surprising barrage of praise coming from the mainstream media regarding the Kurdish fighters in Syria. 1.984 kata lagi


UK: Politicians Urge Ban on the Term "Islamic State"

Gatestone Institute, by Soeren Kern,July 4, 2015:

  • “If we deny any connection between terrorism and religion, then we are saying there is no problem in any of the mosques; that there is nothing in the religious texts that is capable of being twisted or misunderstood; that there are no religious leaders whipping up hatred of the West, no perverting of religious belief for political ends.” — Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.
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Counter Jihad Report

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Many seem to forget that it doesn't really matter what you think of your opponents it only matter what they think of themselves!

Islamic Sweden is now the world's second largest rape capital with a 1,472% increase in rapes

The report says that before the doors opened to Muslim migrants Sweden’s rape numbers stood at 472 in 1975. Post Muslim immigration and the numbers swelled to 6,620 in 2014 – an increase of 1,472%. 2.550 kata lagi

Muslims In Media Statistics

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Since these "rapes" are primarily committed by young Muslim men we must look at the definition of rape and if we consider that difference then these "rapes" are not really rapes and must be removed from the statistics as they gave an unfair few of young Muslim men. In Islam women hold an inferior position and are owned property by the men and Kafir women are nothing but slaves. So in either case but particularly with Kafir women who are owned by the Muslims the Muslim men are only taking what belongs to them and si it is not rape.

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Enter Zabadani

Local Editor

Syrian army and Hezbollah resistance fighters entered Zabadani on Sunday, the last stronghold of the Takfiri militants on the border area with Lebanon. 220 kata lagi

War On Syria

Sex Slavery and the Islamic State

By Mark Durie, JULY 3, 2015:

This article appears first in On Line Opinion.

Jamie Walker, Middle East correspondent for The Australian, asked two critical questions in a… 985 kata lagi


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Since so many western women promote Islam and since Islam promotes slavery and therefore that women can be bought and sold for any purpose one can only conclude the western men got it all wrong and that women really do like being slaves.