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Why Al Qaeda is a bigger threat than ISIS - Distinction between Group and Ideology (part 1)

How the categories of “group” and “ideology” can help to compare the main points of strength and the main weaknesses of bin Laden’s group with al-Baghdadi’s. 1.169 kata lagi

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Turkey hiding behind NATO badge to support terrorism & contravene International Law

Turkey’s Call For “Safe Zones” In Syria Are Based On Problem Turkey Helped Create

By Brandon Turbeville

As Turkey continues to bomb inside Syria and Iraq against alleged ISIS targets and PKK Iraqi Kurds, and as the NATO Article 4 meeting looms over the Middle East, Turkey has clearly taken yet another step toward its goal of establishing a “buffer zone” and “no-fly zone” over Syria. 1.954 kata lagi

War On Syria

“Whoever would lead the Middle East must control Syria” (Patrick Seale) - "It's Syria Stupid"

Via The Ugly Truth

JERUSALEM POST – Analysis: In post-nuclear agreement Middle East, ‘It’s Syria, stupid!’

Informed commentaries have stressed, somewhat justifiably, Iran’s benefits from the nuclear agreement with the P5+1 powers.

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Nobel for Fighting Terrorism!

Thursday, 23 July 2015 22:22

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

The Syrians have been, and for more than four years, exposed to a brutal terrorist war and have been living in a crisis! 2.619 kata lagi