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Measuring time and space. Generations 451-454, 1000-1080

Towards the end of this period a metalsmith in Toledo devised a universal astrolabe. His name was al-Zarqali, known later in the west as Arzachel. 799 kata lagi

Islamic World

Al-Biruni developed a formula in the 11th century to measure the earth's circumference

Al-Biruni, was born in 973 in Khwarizm, Uzbekistan. His father, a distinguished mathematician and astronomer, introduced him to astronomy and geometry at a young age. He subsequently studied the astronomy of the stars, classified the celestial bodies (planets and fixed stars) by order of magnitude, and observed the stars’ apparent motions around the poles; his list included 1,029 stars. 974 kata lagi



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I feel so ashamed for not knowing much about al-Biruni – the polymath who lived in the 11’th century. His name was brought to my attention by a newspaper article announcing the establishment of a new private university named Biruni University in Turkey. 216 kata lagi


The Golden Rule

Today is Friday, 24 October 2014. It has not been a good week for Canadians. Nor has it been a good week for the entire world. 721 kata lagi


Paradigm shift. Science in Society 4

Paradigm shift: the Earth moves away from the centre

In Europe 500 years ago, the established paradigm of 2,000 years was built on common sense ideas about the Earth and its place in the universe. 741 kata lagi

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Al-Bîrûnî's birthday

Abû al-Rayhân Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Bîrûnî was born near Kath in the region of Khwârazm (now Kara-Kalpakskaya) in September 4, 973, and was died in Gbazna(?) after 1050. 341 kata lagi


Visnu Sarma Cries

I have been happily harping on the fact that India turns 77 on the 15th August. Wrong. India turns 67. Now, I am an engineer and maths (not pure maths!) is part of my system. 599 kata lagi