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Bekasi Schools Basketball Competition

Last week, Sekolah Victory Plus hosted three other schools, Marsudirini, Al Azhar and SMA Negeri 16 to play an interschool basketball tournament over three days. All teams played with passion, teamwork and good sportsmenship on and off court. 66 more words

Sekolah Victory Plus

Atitudinea unui presedinte musulman fata de propria religie - Radu Oprea

Egiptul este o tara araba din nord-estul Africii si apartine unei zone geografice numite Orientul Mijlociu. Cu o suprafata de aproximativ 1.000.000 de km2 si o populatie de aproape 80.000.000 milioane de locuitori, Egiptul este considerat cea mai importanta tara araba privind stabilitatea celei mai fierbinti zone conflictuale de pe glob. 639 more words


Dotted Thoughts on Al-Azhar

Bringing down Al-Azhar should come as top priority for our national security strategists. Al-Azhar not only epitomizes the Asiatic and fatalistic religious norms which are hampering the imagination and freedom of our masses, it is also actively involved in generating anti-modernity forces in the region. 581 more words


Al-Azhar versus Renewal of Religious Discourse

By: Hassan Kamal

These days, it is a common aim of many countries countering terrorism especially the terrorism that based on Islamic fundamentalism to try to make peace happen on the globe. 528 more words

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Salafists Protest against Enlightenment

By: Hassan Kamal

In the wake of Al-Azhar attacks against Islam Behery who promotes renew religious discourse and enlightenment, a group of Salafists named “Daf3″ – defend in English –  called for protests in the front of Al-Azhar to support Al-Azhar against Islam Behery and anyone criticize Hadith or Islamic thought. 13 more words

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Mau Shalat Kok ke Kuburan

Ya ‘ammu, nahnu nuridu tsalatsata tamar hindi.” Dengan bahasa fusha yang lengkap dengan harakat huruf terakhirnya, kuutarakan pesananku pada seorang pelayan ashab Gami’. Ia menggeleng-gelengkan kepala tanda tak paham. 2.428 more words


'Top Muslim cleric Ahmed al-Tayeb urges education reform to counter extremism'

The head of Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning, has called for education reform in Muslim countries in an effort to contain the spread of religious extremism.