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This Week in Egypt 2017: Week 34 ( Aug 14-20)

Top Headlines

  • Italy to return its ambassador to Cairo, ending standoff over murdered student
  • US military will take part in a joint military exercise with Egypt for the first time since the toppling of Mubarak in 2011…
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Al-Azhar’s Farcical Fatwa Kiosks

“Fatwa Kiosk” – photo via Al-Fajr newspaper

Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy has opened a number of kiosks in one of Cairo’s main underground metro stations to allow commuters to “seek guidance on Islamic issues.” According to Mohi El-Din Afifi, secretary-general of the academy, the initiative aims to “counter the extremist ideologies and misguided fatwas provided by extremist groups.” 530 kata lagi


What the Azhar Believes

I recently attended a gathering at al-Azhar University, where the World Organization of Azhar Graduates presented with Egyptian Radio about the work and need to spread “Ashari, Wasati” Islam, and define the parameters of true religion. 710 kata lagi


This Week in Egypt: Week 29-2017 (July 18-23)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt urges Israel to immediately stop violence in Jerusalem
  • Largest Military Base in the Middle East Opens in Egypt
  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia deny revising 13 demands for Qatar…
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Al Azhar University, Cairo

Al Azhar is the foremost Islamic university in the world. Located in Cairo, it has no other branches elsewhere. It is considered the authority on Sunni Islam in the world. 56 kata lagi


The Pope of Peace from the Land of Peace: "Religion is not the problem but is part of the solution"

💚🕊️🌱📿The pope of peace at the land of peace and cradle of civilisation, Egypt … sending an important, a historic, and a heavenly message to the world: “unity in faith, common devotion for the Creator of all the blessings & the universe (with all its systematic beauty), identical values of justice, peace & coexistence, fraternity in humanity, and love no matter the differences!” … God bless! 259 kata lagi


The dismal state of some of Egypt’s Islamic scholars

Muslim scholar Salem Abdel Galil – Photo via Egypt today

Sheikh Salem Abdel Galil, a prominent Egyptian Muslim scholar and former deputy minister for proselytization at Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowments, sparked a far-reaching controversy this week after he described Christians as… 843 kata lagi