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Baru ku tahu - part 3

Aku keluar dari dewan exam. Hati kecewa. Dua exam untuk hari ini kurang memuaskan. Mana tidaknya, ketika selesai exam fiqh, ada kawan datang beritahu bahawa dia ternampak markah untuk exam fiqh aku. 322 more words


New Controversy Rages around the Hijab in Egypt

( Dr.Ali Gomaa’s comments with English subtitles)

The debate around Islamic headscarves (Hijab) and an Islamic dress code for women is still raging in Egypt. Sheikh Ali Gomaa, an internationally known Islamist jurist and Egypt’s ex-Grand Mufti (top interpreter of religious edicts issued by Muslim clerics), recently joined the debate with some very surprising and alarming comments. 959 more words


Baru ku tahu - Part 1

Alhamdulillah, meski banyak kali timeline terpaksa diextend, aku sempat habiskan bacaan sebelum ke kuliah bagi peperiksaan oral.

Sekitar 9.15 pagi, aku berkejar ke sana sambil menjangkakan isu tahunan, iaitu sistem bilik peperiksaan. 282 more words


The Cowardly Murder of Two Believers in Texas

Yesterday, an alert off-duty cop killed two violent jihadists who were armed to the teeth. The locale was a contest of the Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures. The jihadists went straight to Heaven to start getting busy with those 72 virgins, or is it one single 72-year old virgin? 510 more words

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Separating myths from reality: Egypt’s heated religious debates

Last week, the privately owned Egyptian satellite channel Al-Qaherah wal Nas decided to pull the controversial talk show “With Islam” at Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh’s request. The show’s host, Islam al-Beheiry, is a controversial figure in Egypt because of his candid views and biting criticism of what he describes as the unchallenged Islamic heritage passed on since medieval times, which is still used to justify many regressive practices. 853 more words


Egyptian Aak 2015 - Week 17 ( April 20 - 26)

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Islam Behery's Program is Closed

By: Hassan Kamal

Islam Behery announced himself that his program is closed because of disagreement between him and the owner of the TV channel, however, he said the he well tell the whole story in the forthcoming days. 37 more words

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