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Ms. Terious

Alkisah akhir November taun lalu saya datang ke kajian di Al Azhar Blok M. Niatnya tuh yah nemenin sahabat saya Vita buat datang ke kajian itu. 1.141 more words


Beasiswa Gara-Gara Telat Visa

“Ditawari beasiswa di kedokteran kok malah nggak mau?” komentar Bibiku.

M.A. Darul Huda sedang membuka pendaftaran seleksi beasiswa dari Depag. Palajar yang berprestasi bebas memilih jurusan apa saja di PTN mana saja. 1.481 more words


Sisi's religious revolution gets underway

By Michele Antaki:

Last week, the news spread across the web that Egypt’s President Al-Sisi had “cancelled Islamic education” in all of Egypt. Was it in fulfillment of his New Year call for a religious revolution?  842 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Islamic State militants destroy Iraq's ancient city of Hatra

A pillared ruin at the ancient Iraqi city of Hatra. AFP/Philippe Desmazes

The Islamic State group has destroyed the ancient Iraqi fortress city of Hatra, Kurdish and Iraqi officials said Saturday, just two days after “bulldozing” the ruins of Nimrud and weeks after smashing artefacts in the Mosul museum. 934 more words

Preview of "Scripture and the State" Panel

Scripture and the State

“Squelching the Double Vision: Hobbes’s Subversion of Sola Scriptura

Ben Dillon of Duke University will present an examination of two cases of Thomas Hobbes’s controversial exegesis in his masterpiece Leviathan that have profound political implications: his treatment of the term “spirit,” which issues in the denial of any incorporeal substance; and his account of martyrdom, which effectively renders true martyrdom impossible. 159 more words

SIP Graduate Colloquium

How to fight an ideological war

By Fareed Zakaria
Thursday, February 26, 2015

AMMAN, Jordan — Washington is getting enthusiastic about an ideological war these days: not between Democrats and Republicans — that’s old news — but rather between Americans and radical Islam. 800 more words

Washington Post

Al-Azhar: top Sunni Muslim body condemns IS

Al-Azhar, the prestigious seat of Islamic learning that is based in Cairo but respected by Sunni Muslims across the world, has steadfastly condemned gruesome executions claimed by the Islamic State group. 438 more words