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Pioneer Road

Aki and I are taking the new pioneer road on Douglas Island. To its advocates, it is valued because it may eventually provide access to housing developments and a hoped for gold course. 163 kata lagi


Cross Country Slogging

There are a lot of things the little dog and I could be doing this morning. Recent rainstorms cleared almost all the local trails of ice. 162 kata lagi


The Piano Has Been Drinking

Aki and I are driving out the North Douglas Highway toward the Rainforest Trailhead. It’s raining. Tom Waits is singing one of his downer songs. … 221 kata lagi


Red Sky At Morning

Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Look at that sunrise, little dog. Know any sailors we should warn? Aki gives me her “don’t mess with me” stare and curls back up into a comfortable sleeping position. 247 kata lagi


Moraine Moose

Aki and I are out on the glacial moraine with one of my oldest friends. He is also one of the little dog’s favorite humans. She follows close at his heals as we walk on soft snow to the Mendenhall River. 198 kata lagi


Downtown Blues

Tlingit elders pass on the Box of Daylight story on to each new generation. It explains how Raven brought light into the world.  There was a dark time when a shaman kept the sun, moon, and stars in bentwood boxes. 138 kata lagi


And The Search for “Renal Troponin” Continues…

Since early 2000, there have been an explosion of publications in the area of biomarkers for early diagnosis of acute kidney injury (AKI). The nephrology community has long been cognizant of the fact that serum creatinine (Scr) is a suboptimal marker for the diagnosis of AKI. 816 kata lagi