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Icy Taunts

It’s almost March. Tomorrow or the next day a Pacific storm will likely hammer Juneau with heavy snow or worst—rain. But this morning, on Mendenhall Lake, it’s almost desert-warm. 171 kata lagi


Not Today

Taking advantage of the new snow, Aki and I circle the Peterson Creek Salt Chuck (lake). She porpoises in and out of the snow, upright tail beating back and forth like a metronome. 131 kata lagi


New Land

Aki porpoises through the five-inch layer of new snow covering Mendenhall Lake. She doesn’t smile, like some dogs, but her body language—ears flapping, front legs extended—conveys joy. 188 kata lagi


2/24/17 Intern Morning Report - Renal Failure in a Hospitalized Patient, Hepatorenal Syndrome

CC: shortness of breath

ID: 64 yo AA female with HTN, Child’s C MELD 23 Hepatitis C cirrhosis complicated by hepatic hydrothorax, and HCC s/p IA chemo with TACE presents with 2 weeks of shortness of breath, abdominal swelling, and decreased appetite.   411 kata lagi

Intern Morning Report

Climbing Mt. Troy

Aki is home not here with me. Dogs aren’t allowed on this climb. I’m on the east summit of Mt. Troy looking down on Seymour Canal, a fjord I’ve used several times to gain kayak access to the heart of Admiralty Island. 134 kata lagi


Place of Pride

All the birds we see during this walk on the wetlands are jumpy except this eagle. I hear, rather than see a gathering of Canada geese after something flushed them into the air. 136 kata lagi


I Can't Resist

The little stretch of cold weather we’ve enjoyed has opened up trails normally thanks to the beavers. Flooded sections and those usually sticky with sucking mud are firm. 149 kata lagi