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Bear Signs

As if to encourage thoughts of our well-loved dead, clouds have jammed themselves tight against the channel-side mountains to diminish our view-shed. The same mass of grey now drops heavy rain onto picnic tables and popular beaches. 174 kata lagi


Garden Gnomes

Aki chases after her Frisbee through a forest of lupine, tall grass, and buttercups that form road a verge along the North Douglas Highway. After she disappears I can track her progress by the twitching of flower stalks she shoulders during her passage. 57 kata lagi


Dispelling Ghosts

Does Aki see ghosts? We are on the sandy bight that arcs past the old Auk village site to Point Louisa. The little dog hops and squirms, her body an uncoiling spring. 236 kata lagi


Early Summer

A recent stretch of warm, sunny days must has encouraged the more cautious forest plants to throw in with summer. Skunk cabbage leaves tower above my diminutive little dog. 120 kata lagi


Smaller Beauty

This morning a thin but high layer of clouds filters the sunlight. The little dog and I head to a mountain meadow. If Aki planned ahead she would not expect any dog traffic. 71 kata lagi


Hello Again! Catch up Mews from Edgar Allen Poe, Aki and Sir Hubble Pinkerton

We haven’t been writing for a while lately, ‘cause Mamma Cat was under the weather trying to pass some wicked kidney stones. She is slowly recovering from surgery to help get rid of them nasty, painful pebbles. 554 kata lagi

Cats Telling Their Stories

Parah!! Aliran Sesat AKI, Haruskan Wanita Berpakaian Seksi dan Merokok

Di Indonesia ada beragam suku, agama dan ras. Indonesia juga merupakan negara yang sangat menjunjung tinggi perbedaan agama. Walau begitu Indonesia tak luput dari banyaknya aliran sesat. 27 kata lagi

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