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Desert Dreams

I wonder if Aki ever dreams of other climates when we walk down a rain forest trail on a hard day. I do. On this wet, windy transit of a north Douglas trail, I pretend that it will soon lead onto the south rim of the Grand Canyon just as the sun rises to set off the sunset colors of layered rock and sand. 133 kata lagi


Hutton Chief M&M Presentation

FMTS Chief M&M by Dr Devon Hutton, given 11/30/16.  Contains updates in Epic use (dotphrases, sign out updates), and discussions of AKI and ascites.


Family Medicine/Pearls

Mostly Ice

I hope for snow farther out the road out of Juneau that runs almost due north along Lynn Canal for forty miles. About mile 20, the roadside ditches retain a burden of snow and patches of white form abstract patterns under the tall spruce trees. 149 kata lagi


Back from The East Coast

Yesterday, while Aki walked a Juneau Trail with a dog buddy, I strolled through the National Gallery in Washington D.C. Treating the main hallways as rain forest trails, I turned off them often to explore one of the rat-warren gallery’s rooms, like the one with the Turners or the hard to spot one with the Vermeer painting of the fop with a fuzzy red beret. 193 kata lagi


Sherella members in new band: Arte Macchina

Arte Macchina was formed very early this year and is a band that not only focus on music and performance but also craftwork. You can listen to a sample of their music below, but first let’s have a look at the members! 226 kata lagi


What's at stake with Kidneys - Dr Simon Fraser

Doctor Simon Fraser is part of a team conducting the Hampshire Acute Kidney Injury study which is part of the Public Health and Primary Care theme of NIHR CLAHRC Wessex. 402 kata lagi

Nihon (日本) : Aki (秋) 2016 | 16.11.9 |Day 0


I am writing this in my flight going back to Malaysia. So yeah, my amazing eleven days trip to Tokyo-Odaiba-Yokohama-Kawaguchi-Kyoto-Osaka has ended. The trip was great and i will come back again soon. 1.641 kata lagi

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