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Pin Down Your Body

Overall very good. The chorus is amazing but those two dream stanzas that come before aren’t too great, I think. In those stanzas, the word “dream” is repeated a lot, and though I’m sure it would sound better without being repeated so much, I wanted to stay somewhat faithful. 527 kata lagi

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#SCM17: Common Sense Ways to Reduce the Burden of AKI

On Friday, April 21, Paul Palevsky, the winner of the 2017 J. Michael Lazarus Award, presented a keynote address on acute kidney injury (AKI), titled “We Don’t Have to Fail at Acute Renal Failure.” The talk essentially followed the title, highlighting the burden of AKI and then emphasizing that we can do better. 327 kata lagi

Meeting Coverage


Neither Aki nor I speak the language but I still enjoy the locals’ conversations. Along he forested part of the trail we thrushes, robins, wrens share their work songs. 110 kata lagi


Wet and Grumpy

Aki doesn’t want to be here. She lags behind as I try to lead her deeper into the Treadwell ruins. Each time I turn around she freezes and tries to stop me with a stare. 81 kata lagi


Purple Pilgrimage

Aki and I are on a pilgrimage. Today’s light snow won’t stop us, nor will the climb toward the Perseverance Basin. We do stop to watch a small group of mountain goats feeding along a Mt. 102 kata lagi


The Cruelest Month

Today’s harsh, mid-day sun backlights Juneau’s homeless people and ravens to simple silhouettes. The same bright light makes Aki squint. But with a strong west wind blowing, no one can feel the warmth of the sun. 74 kata lagi


Lien has disbanded.

Lien held their very last live yesterday on April 17th. They are now disbanded.


Debut: April 17th 2016
Disband: April 17th 2017

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