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The West Shore

The promise of sunshine on ice and yellowing trees induced me to bring Aki out to the west shore of Mendenhall Lake. By the time we arrive, the sun is ghosting behind a thickening cloudbank. 128 kata lagi


Wise Tourists

Sealed up in high-tech rain gear, I lead Aki up Basin Road and overt the wooden trestle bridge that connects town with the Gold Creek valley. 136 kata lagi


Another Moraine Bear

Aki and I are back on the glacial moraine. It’s early in the day—too early for wind to raise a ruffle on the Dredge Lakes. It’s also too early for other dog walkers to appear. 206 kata lagi


Light Before the Storm

Even as we enter gray autumn, Nature can splash Chicken Ridge briefly with sun. It usually happens when night gives way to day. This morning we had the added bonus of a double rainbow that arced above Gastineau Channel from Douglas Island to Mt. 154 kata lagi



I came for the fog but am stopped in my tracks by spider webs. Arachnids have cast their sky nets over many of the mountain hemlock and shore pine on this muskeg meadow. 81 kata lagi


Kiat Menentukan Aki Murah Berkualitas

Aki merupakan baterai yg dimanfaatkan utk menyimpan daya listrik seperti baterai umumnya. Yg membedakan pada baterai umum serta aki merupakan kemampuan menyimpan daya serta bentuk penampakan fisik aki itu. 398 kata lagi



This time of the year I expect to see waterfowl on the wetlands. There are none today. But little seedeaters are everywhere. They rise from the standing dead grass blades like grasshoppers from a wheat field. 56 kata lagi