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Changing Ice

Many feet and paws have beaten this path into the snow covering Mendenhall Lake. It leads to the glacier’s face. The weatherman is calling for a snowstorm to start in a few hours but nothing falls from the sky now. 387 kata lagi


The Table is Set

It’s low tide on the Fish Creek delta. Aki and I could walk at least one half mile to where the Mendenhall River enters Fritz Cove. 204 kata lagi


Little Body Guard

Aki trots ahead on a trail with just enough traction to allow me to safely follow. We are moving up the old mining road that starts at an old trestle bridge and leads to the ruins of the old Perseverance Mining District. 63 kata lagi


Under Appreciated

Aki and I start the short climb to Gastineau Meadows, skirting a serpentine of frozen runoff that covers most of the access road. I take a picture of Mt. 223 kata lagi


Tale of Two Beaches

The trail is icy and I’ve left my grippers in the car. Aki is in hog heaven thanks to all the other dogs around. We can hear some of them barking on the first beach we will visit. 151 kata lagi


Thinking About a Wolf We Knew

Snow falls on the little dog and I from a blue sky. The flakes glitter from sunlight reaching them through the old growth forest. It’s really last night’s frost being blown out of the canopy by a rising wind. 300 kata lagi


Where, How Why And The Return Of Des-C, The Interview

Des-C, the man was rocking clubs all over the UK and even India, a great stage presence, a talented performer, with a unique voice that worked. 555 kata lagi