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Opinionated Ravens

Aki and I join a line of dogs and owners on the trail from Downtown Juneau to the old Perseverance mining district. At the upper end of craftsmen homes on Basin Road, we passed under a light standard occupied by two ravens. 67 kata lagi



Aki and I break out of the old growth, after maneuvering the latest wind-fallen hemlock, and spot a line of sunlit gulls that shine like a string of white lights strung over dark water. 128 kata lagi


Hunkering Eagles

No one would write a homesick song about the Eagle River meadows today. Rain, wind and current provide the only moment before the little dog and I start down an icy trail. 183 kata lagi


Where's the Action?

Last night’s windstorm littered the Treadwell ruins with broken branches. But now only rain falls on the little dog and I. The place seems empty. A croaking raven hides in the woods and the neighborhood eagles and ducks have been blown off the channel. 25 kata lagi


AKI Biomarkers vs the Urinalysis: Have We Found the Kidney Troponin?

The birth of automated urinalysis technology and centralized laboratory testing has unfortunately made examination of the urine sediment by physicians a rare event. The search for the kidney “troponin” continues as we try to figure out the best biomarker for AKI.  697 kata lagi


Dancing in the Rain

This morning’s soaking rain has turned the path down to Mendenhall Lake into an Olympic-grade bobsled run. At its base a young women in white tights, black leotard, her hair in a dancer’s bun, strikes an arabesque on a patch of snow. 84 kata lagi


Ravens Always Win

I don’t expect much drama on our Downtown walk. Because it offers a banquet of smells and even the odd chance for a scrap of food, Aki loves our route. 150 kata lagi