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Yin and Yang

The dogs looked miserable even though they reclined at the feet of doting owners next to bowls full of food or water. In the sidewalk seating area of an Oregon brewpub, they coped with 100-degree heat by sleeping. 235 kata lagi


Green Calm

The weather service issued a heavy-rain advisory for this morning. Mendenhall Lake could rise two feet and Montana Creek is likely to flood. In my mind I measure how high the arctic tern nesting colony is above the normal lake level. 304 kata lagi


Hell for the Hungover

While planning where to hike this morning, I look out at the garden where heavy raindrops make the tough kale leaves bounce. No wind blows them off course. 169 kata lagi


Be Exalted

5  Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth.
Psalm 57:5

Be Exalted – performed by Glow Music Artistes at Breakthrough Praise One, is a song that seeks to invite the The Active Presence of God into the life of a person or a situation through the act of worship.

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Auk Bay

Islands protect this crescent-shaped bay. It’s the perfect spot to house people who make their living on the sea. Once it did. The Auk people lived here before the offer of mining jobs ten miles away in Juneau seduced them to move into town. 213 kata lagi


Anorexic Pines

Aki and I have climbed this gravel road in all seasons, winter through fall. The calendar tells me it is still spring but I recognize the green of high summer when I see it. 190 kata lagi