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Kaido Floren

Sain täna kirja AKI-st, kus on alustatud taaskord menetlust minu ettevõtte suhtes, kus olen kellelegi palju liigu teinud ja kirja saatnud. Seekord oli kirjas 2 nime – Natalie Einasto ja Kaido Floren. 108 more words

Rebooted Chaos

“he really needs to chill on the treble tho
keeps going next level every album”
– Friend on Linjin

I like treble. The lyrics feel a bit awkward in this song, but maybe that’s just me. 551 more words

English Lyric Translations



Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: Kazuya Takase 377 more words


MoTrip - Trackliste & Features : Update

MoTrip hat heute die richtige Trackliste und die Featuregäste zu seinem Album “Mama” veröffentlicht. Zu den bereits bekannten Feautres kommen noch Azad, Manuellsen, Ali As, Silla, Lito, Fabian Römer, Aki, Migthy Mike und Biso. 232 more words

Test Your Knowledge: HIV and The Kidney

In an article published in AJKD, Lum et al describe a case of acute kidney injury in a patient with well-controlled HIV infection on highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART). 119 more words

Test Your Knowledge

Sheep Creek

I have forgotten how new yellow-green cottonwood and alder leaves bring back to the Sheep Creek Delta some fall glory. Turning away from the show, Aki and I watch some migrants working in salt water near the beach. 150 more words


Birds but No Bees

Does Aki prefer the one note song of a varied thrush or robin’s happy refrain? She wouldn’t tell me even if I asked, which is impossible at the moment because she is off investigating a patch of grass 50 meters away. 155 more words