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Autumn 秋

Traditional dates for Autumn: 9 August – 7 November

Autumn in Japan is a truly magical experience and you don’t have to travel far to see why. 86 more words


SCM15: ACEi/ARBs and AKI: Any Benefit?

Dr. Christian Suarez-Fuentes (CS), from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York, discusses his abstract for the National Kidney Foundation’s 2015 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM15), … 476 more words

Meeting Coverage

About me!

Hai guys,

I’m a random digital artist from India, from Kochi, Named Akhil Antony. My friends calls me Papercut. they tagged me that name during college days so choose the same as my pen name. 161 more words

An Open Letter To Mr Jeff Jarrett: Please Save Wrestling Games.

An Open Letter To Mr Jeff Jarrett.

Mr Jarrett, speaking as a member of both of the IWC and the Wrestling Video Games community (I don’t know if there’s an proper acronym for that.) I’d like to suggest an idea that would make you a lot of money and many of us very, very happy. 608 more words

Hot oil baths and other things to do on World Kidney Day 2015

“In ancient times the Persian philosopher Avicenna noted that urine may be retained in crisis of fever (s393) and prescribed hot oil baths (s413)(1)

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Fishing in the Rain

Another day of low clouds, mild temperatures and rain. Such conditions never dampens Aki’s love of the North Douglas forest trails to the beach, For me, it is a day for hearing, not seeing special things. 156 more words


Beaver Logging

Aki and I pass some new fallen alders along the glacial moraine trail. Large wood chips, marked by beaver teeth, surround the resulting tree stubs. We never heard or seen a beaver drop a tree until today. 160 more words