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Studio Gainax month: C3, Stella Women's Academy

Hello, and welcome to the second annual Studio Gainax Month!  Things didn’t go too well last year, with the three shows I reviewed ranging from mediocre to just plain terrible, but it’s a new April, and that means I have three new Studio Gainax anime go review!  2.810 kata lagi


Classic Army Reinforced Gears

Hello, and welcome to Destroyer Airsoft.  Today I will be reviewing the Classic Army Reinforced torque up gear set.   This comes with all 3 gears, and is available on for $49.99. 98 kata lagi

Air Soft

Hazards with Kids Toys

Toys are meant to provide fun and entertainment to kids but not all toys are safe for all children. Most of the kids products are designed for particular ages set by the safety commission. 331 kata lagi

Baby Products

Airsoft Guns: A celebrated witty to dramaturgy With

These days crack is a premium benevolent to unimpeachable weapons. They are no more available so easily considering before to a layman because of the equitable laws that administer the galaxy of modern weapons. 486 kata lagi


The Assistant Coach

So I’ve volunteered to be an assistant coach for my older son’s baseball team.  This is actually the 2nd time I’ve volunteered to be a coach.  705 kata lagi

Rambling & Rants

Types Air Soft Gun - Spring, Gas & Electric (AEG)

Spring manually loaded pistols to automatic rifles power; variety of weapons in air soft players today is vast. Air soft players have more options than ever when deciding what types of firearms to add to their collections. 254 kata lagi