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Feds introduce stringent new standards to cut air pollution from on-road vehicles

The Government of Canada has adopted stringent new standards for cleaner vehicles and fuels, aligning the country with the U.S. in an effort to cut air pollution from on-road vehicles. 313 kata lagi

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Asma e inquinamento indoor: lo studio a Palermo

Lo studio “Effect of indoor nitrogen dioxide on lung function in urban environment”, svolto dall’Istituto di biomedicina e immunologia molecolare del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche in collaborazione con l’Istituto di scienze e tecnologie dell’informazione di Pisa e l’Istituto di analisi dei sistemi ed informatica di Roma, parla chiaro. 129 kata lagi


Google Slaps Air Pollution Monitoring Systems On Street View Cars In San Francisco

The next time you see a Google Street View car cruising down your block, it might be doing more than just snapping photos — it could be tracking air pollution. 235 kata lagi

Air pollution is the scourge of the City: We all have a role to play in tackling it

London’s air pollution is making thousands more people die early each year” and “time to transform London’s air quality” have been some of the more stark headlines in recent weeks. 467 kata lagi

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The grey area over air pollution

Statistics recently released by the World Bank claim the UAE has the highest mean average of air pollutants of any other country on the list, including China and India. 1.236 kata lagi

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Stagnant Summer Days on the Rise in U.S.

Those long, hot, sultry days of summer, the ones where the air seems so still it wouldn’t disturb a leaf, are also days where air quality can take a nosedive. 558 kata lagi

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Google Using Street View Cars to Map Air Pollution

Google is using Street View cars to map air pollution. “In the first pilot, three Street View cars collected 150 million air quality data points over a month of driving around Denver, Colorado. 29 kata lagi