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Smoke from vehicles polluting Lake City

Increasing number of vehicles as well as the ever rising population have been causing environmental pollution in the tourist city of Pokhara.

The lake city has become the most polluted city after Kathmandu due to escalating environmental pollution. 250 kata lagi

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Air pollution threat hidden as research 'presumes people are at home': study 

Previous investigations fail to reveal impact of ‘world’s largest human health threat’ because they do not account for people’s movement, researchers say

The true impact of air pollution has been obscured by the failure to consider people’s exposure as they move around during the day, according to a new study that has mapped the hotspots of New York’s air pollution based on where people gather for work or recreation. 779 kata lagi

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Air pollution exposure linked to heart disease risk factors

Blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other risk factors for heart disease may be worsened with exposure to air pollution, especially among those with diabetes, according to study findings. 278 kata lagi


London pollution and toxic air worsened by pollution from fresh food delivery 

Pollution is being made worse by London’s increasing reliance on fresh food bought online and home-delivered by diesel-powered trucks, the boss of a clean tech firm warned today. 426 kata lagi

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Essential oils could counter lung and liver ailments caused by air pollution, research suggests: Extracts from plants such as cloves, aniseed, fennel and ylang-ylang studied

Certain ingredients in essential oils made from plants such as cloves, anise, fennel and ylang-ylang could serve as a natural treatment of lung and liver conditions caused by air pollution, according to a new study. 498 kata lagi

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Air pollution isn't just making China sick, it's making the country's cities unbearably hot

Here’s another way China’s notorious air pollution is making citizens’ lives uncomfortable—it’s making the country’s cities hotter.

Researchers have found evidence that the pollution engulfing China’s cities enhances the warming effect of cityscapes, raising the temperature by one degree Celsius. 406 kata lagi

Commonly Used Cheap Cloth Mask Not Very Effective Against Air Pollution

A new study reveals that the cheap cloth masks, most commonly used in highly polluted areas in Asia and Southeast Asia, could not protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution. 329 kata lagi

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