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Beijing hit with severe air pollution that's expected to linger for days

BEIJING – Air pollution in Beijing reached hazardous levels on Saturday as smog engulfed large parts of China despite efforts to clean up the foul air. 217 kata lagi


End Wood Burning

Letter by Cathy Baiton, printed in the Sonoma County Gazette (sonomacountygazette.com) Letters,  November 2015

Laboratory results of wood burning appliances are nothing like real-world emissions. Wood stoves also deteriorate and become less effective with use and over time. 268 kata lagi


High humidity worsening air pollution, say experts 

On Thursday morning, humidity levels in the city peaked, hitting 98% in south Mumbai and 80% in the suburbs. Peaked moisture levels have high potential to hold pollutants, say experts. 303 kata lagi

Air Quality

South Africa's air pollution hotspots

According to statistics urban air pollution is linked to up to 2 million premature deaths world-wide each year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution database collected data on the outdoor (or ambient) air quality of 1600 cities from 91 countries. 64 kata lagi

Air Quality

Air pollution puts diabetic women at high heart disease risk

Women with diabetes who are exposed to air pollution for long period may have a much higher risk for heart disease, says a new study. 6 kata lagi


For women with diabetes, air pollution has higher heart risks 

Particle pollution like soot is a known health hazard and linked to the risk of heart disease and stroke, but women with diabetes are even more vulnerable than most people, according to a new U.S. 599 kata lagi

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Questions About The Tillary St Area/ Brooklyn Bridge Gateway Work

On the eve of Thanksgiving, so much is unanswered.
1) If the DDC is somehow above the law and the Tillary St Area Reconstruction/ BBride Gateway project (# 115 kata lagi

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