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what are pm 2.5 and PM10 particulate matters?

Atmospheric particulate matter – also known as particulate matter (PM) or particulates – is microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere. The term aerosol commonly refers to the particulate/air mixture, as opposed to the particulate matter alone.[3] Sources of particulate matter can be man-made or natural. 385 kata lagi

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Transport fares discounted to reduce ozone pollution

The current heat wave has resulted in peak levels of ozone pollution. Certain Swiss cantons have announced discounted fares on public transport to encourage people to avoid using cars and thus reduce pollution. 148 kata lagi

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What are Biofuels?

What are Biofuels?

These are energy sources from plants and animals or from their waste. The use of Biofuels can be a major step in taming greenhouse gas emissions. 192 kata lagi

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Understanding the Meaning and Effects of Greenhouse Effect

What is Greenhouse Effect?

It is the exchange of incoming and outgoing radiations, which warm the earth. Scientists coined the name from a similar working mechanism of a normal greenhouse. 314 kata lagi

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London faces 'secret pollution' from refrigerated vans taking food to smaller stores

London’s residential neighbourhoods are being choked by “secret pollution” emitted by trucks delivering chilled food to the new generation of local supermarket convenience stores, according to a report. 288 kata lagi

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Metro Vancouver issues air quality advisory due to smoke from wildfires

Metro Vancouver has issued an air quality advisory due to the fine particulates in smoke from wildfires that have invaded the region.

People with chronic medical conditions are being warned to avoid strenuous exercise or to stay inside. 280 kata lagi

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Pollution Fact #3

Some places have higher levels of air pollution than others. Those who live in more polluted areas are 20% more likely to suffer death by lung cancer than those who do not.