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Life at the extreme levels of air pollution

By Louise Corscadden, University of Leicester

Recent news headlines have highlighted the rise of extreme air pollution levels globally, from Delhi to London. It has become hard to ignore the thought that the very air we breathe can harm us. 1.034 kata lagi


What Does It Take to Stop Accepting Pollution as the Price of Progress?

Unlike the ‘pea soup’ of 19th-century London, the ‘airpocalypse’ of modern Beijing and the ‘gas chamber’ of the Delhi region are recognized as drags on economic growth. 74 kata lagi


Hong Kong air quality at unhealthy levels; children and elderly told to stay indoors

Many areas in Hong Kong experienced high levels of smog on Monday (Jan 22), five days after local media first reported heavy air pollution there.

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Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming

Uh Oh! Someone forgot that the science is settled!

Using Algorean obfuscation to keep that grant money rolling in.

What about solar cooling and low sunspot activity? 410 kata lagi

To Rid the Taj Mahal of Its Grime, India Prescribes a Mud Bath

For centuries, monsoon rains were enough to keep the dirt off India’s monument to eternal love. But not anymore.

Published: January 22, 2018 at 05:30AM… 70 kata lagi


Fresh air for sale

It started as a gag, but people are now spending a fortune on bottled air. Alex Moshakis reveals how global pollution is fuelling this fad… 86 kata lagi


Polluted streets ‘still poisoning lungs’ in Scotland

Environmentalists have named the Scottish streets they say are being blighted by air pollution fumes. Ten streets across four towns and cities have been revealed as continuing to break Scottish and European air quality standards in 2017, according to figures from Friends of the Earth Scotland (FOES).

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