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One of the biggest criticisms against wind and solar energy has been quashed

One of the biggest criticisms of the renewable-energy industry is that it has been propped up by government subsidies. There is no doubt that without government help, it would have been much harder for the nascent technology to mature. 447 kata lagi


Delhi had started a trial for the odd-even initiative which allowed private cars to operate on alternative days depending on whether the license plates ends with an odd or an even number. 2.137 kata lagi

Statistics Invalidate Air Pollution Death Claims

“Clearly we don’t know everything about asthma, but there is little evidence to suggest that air pollution from traffic makes much difference.” click here

United Kingdom

Luxury Comes With An Ecological Cost

Environmental changes and Social Condition
The interaction between environmental change and social conditions is complex and extremely intertwined. In order to create an advanced, convenient, and comfortable way of living, humanity has changed the environment quickly and radically in a number of ways. 1.262 kata lagi


Smog-filtering bicycle to roll out in China

A Dutch innovation firm has partnered with a Chinese bike-share startup to develop a bicycle that can collect polluted air and release back clean air. 229 kata lagi

Good News

Air Pollution

Causes of air pollution:

  • Diesel vehicles are more polluting than petrol
  • They are high in PM, Nitrogen oxide not good for health
  • Ban 10 year old diesel truck entering city…
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