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Car buyers should have 'long, hard think' about diesel 

The transport secretary suggests drivers should try to buy the least polluting vehicles possible.

The transport secretary has said drivers considering buying diesel cars should take a “long, hard think”. 532 kata lagi

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How one polluted London road raises many of the issues to tackling urban air pollution

When I am in London, I often run along Marylebone Road, but I do it on a Sunday morning when the air is relatively clear. Dave Hill writes an important article in The Guardian about the efforts underway to address the urban air pollution issues. 1.551 kata lagi

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How You Can Help the Improve Air

They’re people everywhere that want to help the air with air pollution that don’t know how. Well they’re many ways that you can help the air such as: 282 kata lagi


What is air pollution?

Air pollution can be indoor or outdoor and contains four key pollutants which are:

  • particulate matter (PM)
  • ozone (O3)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • sulphur dioxide (SO2)
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Air Pollution

Children at Nearly 8,000 U.S. Public Schools Breathe Highly Polluted Air 

Roughly one in every 11 public schools in the U.S. sits within 500 feet of highways and other heavily trafficked roads, exposing 4.4 million students to high levels of toxic air pollution. 166 kata lagi

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Proposed fireplace bylaw prohibits burning wet timber, high sulphur coal

About 75,000 Auckland households will need to be careful about how they use their fireplaces under newly proposed burning restrictions.

On Thursday Auckland councillors discussed a draft air quality bylaw for indoor fires which would ban the burning of wet timber and certain types of coal. 330 kata lagi

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City Living Is Ruining Your Sense Of Smell, Scientist Warns 

City living is destroying our sense of smell, driving up consumption of salty foods and causing obesity rates to soar, according to a leading scientist. 322 kata lagi

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