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Moulded Foams use Thorite to power their expansion

Scunthorpe-based Moulded Foams is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of cellular foam products to the Automotive, Construction and Packaging industries, producing everything from thermal flooring, dynamic automotive foam and EPS boxes for transporting fish from the docks to the buyer. 190 kata lagi


Gnome Premonitions.

This morning Gnome woke up with a start.  He had a furtive look about him like a squirrel and his eyes were kinda bulging as he said, 448 kata lagi


Compressed Air

In high school, when I worked in a gas station, I had access to air tools. They seemed so heavy and so powerful, they scared me a little. 545 kata lagi


California Air Tools 5510SE Test and Review

This is a somewhat long winded review and demonstration/test of the California Air Tools 5510SE ultra-quiet oil-less air compressor. 94 kata lagi

Tool Test

How to Make an Air Compressor-Powered Oil Extractor

This project isn’t strictly for small sailboats or for boats in general. It’s a multi-purpose project that you can use for many jobs.

Do you change your own motor oil, not just in your outboard motor but in all your vehicles and power equipment? 2.708 kata lagi


Thorite compressors help gauge time and tides

We have been a regular supplier to the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) since the 1970’s, providing oil-free Jun-Air compressors used across the UK Tide Gauge Network (TGN), which is maintained on behalf of the Environment Agency by the NOC, working out of two centres in Southampton and Liverpool. 244 kata lagi


See What Happens When You Overfill An Basketball

So, what happens when you put too much air inside an basketball?  The YouTube channel CrazyRussianHacker explores that by hooking an basketball up to an air compressor, and recording what happens with a slow-motion camera, enjoy!