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Campbell Hausfeld 3-Gallon Hot Dog Air Compressor ONLY $69.99 (Reg Price $119.00)!

Ideal for pumping up tires, powering nail guns, spray guns, wrenches or a number of other household tools. Comes with 10-piece accessory kit.

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wholesale air receiver manufacturer

There is no doubt that today, every type of business, every size of business and every area of business is getting changed faster than ever. We have witnessed swift changes in many business areas regardless of size and type, and air receiver business is no exception. 234 kata lagi

Air compressor spare parts manufacturer

We are Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of compressor spares parts like air compressor spares, gas compressor spares, refrigerated air dryers, screw compressor spares, refrigerated compressor spares, screw air end servicing,  air dryers, air receiver, oil free dental compressor spare parts, reconditioned air compressor and accessories. 227 kata lagi

Air Receiver Tank manufacturer and exporter

An important role of an air receiver is to equalize the pressure differences from the compressor’s on-off cycle. When the air compressor is switched on the pressure is high, and when it shuts off and air is depleted from the system the pressure reduces. 333 kata lagi

Auto drain valve mfrs and exporters

There are from the advanced developments in types and capacities of many Auto drain valves, there is one another fabulous development: Auto drain valves… 278 kata lagi

In The Midst Of Dry Season.

The heat is Punishing; It’s stifling hot and we are suffering in the midst of dry season in Belize.  I’m not whining for nothing…it has been a real feel of 117F (47C)!  228 kata lagi


Chilling Methods Used by Industrial Chillers and Advantages and Disadvantages

Three types of chilling methods are used by industrial chillers to cool any area or object to a specific temperature. Each of these three methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. 456 kata lagi

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