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“I said I don’t wanna be alone

Oh I don’t need a wake up call

Your smile I cannot forget

Wandering around inside my head…

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Nangis, Ailee Curhat Masa Lalunya Sebelum Jadi Penyanyi

Ailee tidak dapat menahan air matanya ketika ia bicara soal masa-masa untuk menjadi seorang penyanyi muda,

Ailee hadir sebagai bintang tamu ‘Fantastic Duo‘ episode 15 Mei, di mana ia meneteskan air matanya melihat para fansnya, yang juga memiliki mimpi sebagai penyanyi. 69 kata lagi



I listen to a lot of K-pop and Korean songs in general and there are some really good one’s out there. So here is a list of some of my favorite Korean songs and why I like them (in no particular order): 1.102 kata lagi


Please Come Back Mister OST - Because it's Love by Ailee [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation

Because it’s Love

When I look into your eyes, I get uneasy
I’m beside you but still I’m lonely
I have only you in my heart… 170 kata lagi

English Translation


I’m pretty sure none of you know, but I am a proud kpop lover. What’s kpop? Well, it’s basically a deep, dark hole filled with gorgeous korean men and women, which if you fall in, you’ll never be able to get out again. 170 kata lagi


Foreign Drama - Fated To Love You

Fated To Love You

20 episodes 2014 Hulu; Viki and Drama Fever

First off let me ask this question -How can Choi Jin Hyuk get overlooked for the lead? 516 kata lagi


#AtoZChallenge Day 21: Ultimate Bias

U is for Ultimate Bias

What is an Ultimate Bias?

The Ultimate Bias is the one you will drop everything for. If he or she is a guest star in a show, no matter how dumb or annoying the show is, you’ll watch it. 270 kata lagi