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Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and are looking forward for the weekend. I will once again would like to apologize for not posting last weekend playlist on time and will somehow will like to make it up to everyone with this weekend playlist. 264 kata lagi


My Thoughts on Ailee's "Mind Your Own Business" Music Video

Ailee makes her return with “Mind Your Own Business.”

Ailee’s always gone for strong concepts, presenting herself as a tough, independent woman and not one to be messed with. 168 kata lagi


Ailee Raih Kemenangan Pertama Untuk 'Mind Your Own Business di 'Show Champion'

Ailee berhasil membawa pulang trofi pada ‘Show Champion‘ edisi minggu ini (7/10/2015) dengan hit terbarunya ‘Mind Your Own Business‘. Ini merupakan kemenangan Ailee yang pertama di acara musik sejak comeback dengan album penuh pertamanya ‘VIVID‘ pada 30… – http://99hits.net/kpop/ailee-raih-kemenangan-pertama-untuk-mind-your-own-business-di-show-champion/

Ailee's comeback: "Mind your own business" and "Insane"

Ailee is finally back, and she is releasing  her first full-length album, called . The album’s tracks cover various genres like rock ballad, ballad, retro soul, pop, and urban. 862 kata lagi


A little something

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and are looking forward to see what this week will bring. I will like to apologize to everyone that was looking forward for this week Playlist. 371 kata lagi

My September Picks

There were some great releases this month! I’m jamming out to a number of new songs and I bought a ton of new music.

Here are my top picks (not in any particular order): 263 kata lagi

My Picks

Artist of the Week | Ailee + [Artist of the Week Playlist]

I was searching for an artist to highlight this week and I honestly couldn’t believe that I’ve never featured Ailee. She is truly one of my favorite singers! 112 kata lagi