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At loggerheads over agroforestry

Everyone knows forests are home to a wealth of biodiversity, with the Amazon alone hosting a quarter of global biodiversity. It is also now well established that diversity in crop production increases a farmer’s resilience to environmental stresses and shocks – from extreme weather to pests. 451 kata lagi


restorative agroforestry proposed as a solution to climate change related forest fires.

Forest fires have become an increasingly significant issue in the last decade and it seems as though nowhere is safe from the death and destruction that they bring. 265 kata lagi

Ideas + Models

The Diary of the Integrated Farmer June

June 16, 2017: Learning to Be a Farmer in A Home Setting

In this journal today, I came to write about two different places that I have interned here at Belfair and it has taught me valuable lessons about farming or about education: the Salmon Center and the Mountain Lake Farm. 2.908 kata lagi

Environmental Education

Inga Alley Cropping 

Many Central American farmers still practice damaging slash-and-burn farming: slashing through rainforest and burning down patches in order to expose fertile soils to grow crops on. 588 kata lagi


Maya Mountain Research Farm

I’ve spent the last two weeks at Maya Mountain Research Farm in the Toledo District of Belize. Toledo is the least developed district in Belize. Until recently, there was only a bumpy dirt road that connected the region to the rest of the country. 886 kata lagi


Socio-ecological landscapes of Thừa Thiên-Huế province

The past week marked the launch of our new, Swiss government funded research project on the “forest transition” in Vietnam, which I’m leading in collaboration with colleagues Trần Nam Thắng and Ngô Trí Dũng of Huế University and Roland Cochard at Unil (see… 945 kata lagi


cool free upcoming restorative agriculture field days in the midwest!

The Savanna Institute is running two free restorative agriculture field days in Wisconsin this month and next. Everybody is welcome and attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about agroforestry first-hand from farmers and researchers who work with perennial crop and livestock enterprises. 192 kata lagi

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