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Cropping System

A cropping system mainly refers to the way a crop is grown, arrangement in the field and frequency of production. Different cropping systems and practices are used in the production of crops depending on location, preference, skill and financial capacity. 435 kata lagi


Agroforestry systems for adaptation to Climate Change

Adaptation to Climate Change (Micro) in Agroforestry systems

by Abhishek Mani Tripathi



Czech Globe, Brno · Biomass and water balance


Evidence shows increasing climate change, and a consequent alteration in physical systems of the earth. 234 kata lagi


in honor of everyone stacking their cords this month

The whole video is enormously charming, but skip ahead to to 8:20 to have your mind completely blown. Ladies and gentlemen, life before chainsaws!

Where We've Been

For the last two and a half months Claire and I have been living and working in Kitale, a town in Trans Nzoia county, Western Kenya, home to the Kenya headquarters of  Vi Agroforestry. 787 kata lagi


The role of agroforestry in the future of Myanmar

Photo credit: Agroforestry World

Agroforestry has a long history in Myanmar but capacity of farmers and government agencies needs building in order to maximise potential. Photo: World Agroforestry Centre/Robert Finlayson… 263 kata lagi


The Ivory Coast: A case study on climate change and the chocolate we eat

The Ivory Coast has featured prominently in this year’s commodity news with reports of cocoa shipments falling far below levels of previous years. This week, … 1.293 kata lagi


Bambra Agroforestry Farm – exploring a new way of doing forestry by Rowan Reid

I’m a forester. Actually I’m a forest scientist but the distinction won’t mean much to many readers. If it helps, think of the difference between a fisherman and a marine scientist. 1.212 kata lagi

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