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Tree cover on agricultural land and carbon budgets

Photo credit: Agroforestry World

Faidherbia and tomatoes on a farm in Salima District, Malawi. Photo by Tracy Beedy/World Agroforestry Centre

Trees on farms: the missing link in carbon accounting… 247 kata lagi


Agroforestry in Brazil

Restoration through agroforestry in Brazil

Agroforestry can reconcile environmental goals and livelihoods and production in restoring degraded lands in Brazil.

This is the key message of this short film, which describes efforts by ICRAF and partners to develop agroforestry options for restoring environmentally sensitive areas on privately owned lands in Brazil. 40 kata lagi


Love People Tree Nursery

Where have you been all my service? I thought while hopping of my bike. I was exploring a new path and almost screamed when I passed by this tree nursery. 127 kata lagi

Agroforestry systems and crop production

Agroforestry systems in form of planted hedgerows have a long-term tradition as land-use systems in various European landscapes, primary in Denmark, North Germany and England. Planting of trees and shrubs into agricultural systems have economical benefits as they provide timber and and fuelwood and other products. 88 kata lagi


A Farm that Provides

The rains have returned to Thailand.  For many farmers in our area, that means that it’s time to plant corn or get the fields ready to plant rice.   546 kata lagi


Chapter 1.3 – (Em)powering People: Reconciling Energy Security and Land-Use Management in the Sudano-Sahelian Region

By Stela Nenova, Energy and Environmental Policy Consultant; and Hartmut Behrend, Bundeswehr Geoinformation Centre, German Armed Forces, Euskirchen, Germany


The Sudano-Sahelian region has been suffering from land degradation in the last few decades, and the extensive practices of extraction of fuelwood for energy supply have contributed significantly to the aggravation of this process. 301 kata lagi

The Book

SDGs and agroforestry

Panel discussion: Agroforestry helping to achieve the SDGs

As part of ICRAF’s Science Week 2015, held in Bogor, Indonesia, a panel discussion explored the Sustainable Development Goals as the new language in which the agroforestry experience and story has to be retold. 53 kata lagi