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Midwestern Perennial Endeavors: Chestnut Milk

The chestnut has a long history in North America, encompassing everything from pop culture references to the tragic demise of the American Chestnut tree. Until the middle of the 20th century, the American Chestnut tree reigned as the “ 1.597 kata lagi


When all else fails, Look Backwards

For centuries, humans have moved about this earth- seasonally, to find better waters, better earth, to stay warm, to find fruits, to find meat… we come from those times- searching for environments where we could better coexist. 502 kata lagi


'Design and build' - The physical constructions on site

Across a four week period of workshops, a number of facilities and systems were built on our project site at ‘The New Land’ in Kajulu Village, Kenya. 149 kata lagi

Our Outputs

'Construction Manual' - A ‘how to’ guide

Our construction manual describes the facilities and systems built on ‘The New Land’ during Stage One of the project in 2015. These facilities and systems are related to our four physical focus areas: 96 kata lagi

Our Outputs

Silvopasture, land reclamation or agroforestry ?

Photo credit: Dream Lodge Permaculture

Silvopasture and land reclamation

JANUARY 27, 2016 / STEVE

I am fairly sure that Silvopasture is the correct term for what we are doing, but it could also be termed land reclamation, or agroforestry perhaps? 330 kata lagi


New Report: The Health Consequences of El Niño in Central America

by Lucas Wolf, Assistant International Director

A new report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) calls attention to the devastating effects of El Niño in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. 500 kata lagi

Sustainable Development

A Visit to Fair Earth Farm

While in Chiang Mai, I took a visit to Fair Earth Farm, just north of the city.  This is a 1-acre farm, and uses a blend of agroforestry and traditional farming practices. 478 kata lagi