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Aloha to Whagwaan

It was just five days ago I departed my island home of Hawai’i where I have resided since the summer of 2013 (slightly under 4.5 years). 972 kata lagi

Peace Corps

Forest Farms in Southern Sweden

Exploring the potential of edible forest gardens: experiences from a participatory action research project in Sweden   Agroforest Syst https://doi.org/10.1007/s10457-018-0208-8

Johanna Björklund . Karin Eksvärd . Christina Schaffer… 220 kata lagi

Strawberries (Fragaria)

IDE: Greenbelt Citarik Hulu

Konsep Greenbelt sebagai sabuk penyangga sungai Citarik Hulu, tanaman pakan ternak, jalan inspeksi dan pertanaman kopi dan kayu (agroforestry) (echo at tbmk dot org; 2016-2017). Still a concept, belum diaplikasikan :| 9 kata lagi


TED Talk: How Trees Talk to Each Other

Dating back until at least middle school, I have wished I could see time lapse footage of root movement in a forest. Specifically, when my dad told me we couldn’t plant a Weeping Willow in our backyard because of their knack for finding water pipes and bursting them, it just seemed to me that trees weren’t nearly as static as we think they are. 155 kata lagi


Pé na Terra

After the busy city and beach life of Salvador, I arrived in an oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the Cerrado. I’m staying at the farm… 762 kata lagi

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