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2016 Plant Sale!

Hi Friends!

Apologies, as I know some of you have been waiting for an updated list with this year’s offerings.  It’s here and the plants are ready for pickup! 1.013 kata lagi

So..What are you doing in Africa again?

To most people in America, the work of a Peace Corps Volunteer is a mystery. Honestly, before I did a lot of research on Peace Corps, and Peace Corps Senegal in particular, I didn’t know a whole lot either! 1.851 kata lagi


Opportunities to Share

It’s nice to be reminded from time to time of the reason that we are called The Charis Teaching Farm.  We recently had the opportunity to offer knowledge and insight to a new farm that is being built up across the border in Burma.   426 kata lagi


The Spindar Tree in Iraqi Kurdistan

During my 2013 fieldwork in Duhok I came across a tall strange looking tree type that stood out from the others, both from the ground and on satellite images. 142 kata lagi

PhD Project


I’ve been asked for more detail on the agroforestry project we’re running. If you aren’t interested in agroforestry/permaculture the next few minutes could be quite boring. 407 kata lagi

Care Farm

It's that time again...




It’s tree time again, taking the climate readings between the rows of trees in the agroforestry area. 222 kata lagi

Care Farm

Growing Against the Grain

My basic knowledge of vegetables is that, unless they’ve already been acclimated to it, they don’t like heat.  Many tomatoes stop producing fruit at around 34C… 400 kata lagi