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Changing the #foodsystem with #bread and #agroforestry - Andrew Whitley in the Scottish Borders

Andrew Whitley is a campaigning organic baker known for starting the Village Bakery in Melmerby in the 1970s and latterly as co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign… 394 kata lagi

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A fascinating, very informative video about Andrew Whitley's compelling endeavours "to rebuild nutritional quality and local self-sufficiency of the Scottish bread supply." I love his baking book Bread Matters, and now hearing him talk about "diversity in adversity" and agricultural resilience.

To spare or to share, that is a muddled question

Certain research trends in any field are inevitable, because once a seductive can of research-question worms is opened, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to start hooking in. 849 kata lagi


Lessons from Cuba: Finding Solutions to a Climate Crisis

by Sebastian Africano, International Director

Of all the memorable encounters during my ten days in Havana, Cuba for the 10th Convention on Sustainable Development and Environment in July, there is one that stood out most. 366 kata lagi

Black Walnut

Black walnut

Black walnut

After seventeen years one of my black walnut trees has produced its first crop of nuts. There are only six on this tree but this one, which happens to be the tallest, is the first of the trees to produce nuts. 255 kata lagi


Conservation agriculture finds a home in Zambia

Sharing today, a video I found on conservation agriculture in Zambia.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen.  It explains the beneficial techniques rather than simply saying farmers have used them to increase crop production.   49 kata lagi


Anti-desertification with Waterboxx

Waterboxx very successful in Spain anti-desertification through agroforestry and reforestation

VIDEO (Spanish with English captions)


Groasis BV is a Dutch company that sells the Waterboxx. 101 kata lagi


A Living Library Summer Garden Party & Tour of the Think Park Nature Walk

The team of Summer 2015 Eco-Stewards are happy to host a gathering at San Francisco’s Living Library & Alemany Farm on Thursday August 13th from 4:30 until 6:30pm. 222 kata lagi