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Help next door

Within a 24-hour period, I read an article stating a problem (food insecurity in Namibia resulting in nearly half the population’s undernourishment) and an article with a solution to that problem ( 241 kata lagi

Food Security


Agro forestry

Agro forestry system is the practice in agriculture incorporating the cultivation and conservation of trees.
Agro forestry systems can be advantageous over conventional agricultural, and forest production methods. 577 kata lagi

Soil Fertility

Inside the Tree Business

You can ask most illiterate sixty year old Cameroonian grandmothers, “Where is the rain?” “Climate change” she will respond. Simple enough, although I’m willing to bet she doesn’t know who Al Gore is, and doesn’t tune in to the news too often. 1.298 kata lagi


Ant Village Journal #3: Getting to Work

The PDC is over and it’s time to get down to business in the Ant Village. Before getting to work on my own projects, I needed to do some bounty projects for Paul, to raise money for buying materials. 52 kata lagi


Forest and home gardens

By Katy Wilson

Sometimes called kitchen gardens or forest gardens, home gardens are found in many humid and sub-humid parts of the world and are an important strategy for tackling poor nutrition and diets. 592 kata lagi

5 - A Doubly Green Revolution

Notes from the Field: Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture in Honduras

by Lucas Wolf, Assistant National Director

In the small community of El Socorro, located just ten minutes north of Siguatepeque, Honduras, there is an impressive institution focused on sustainable agriculture. 546 kata lagi

Notes From The Field

Participatory methods to help farmers adapt to climate change

Photo credit: SciDevNet

Local farmer Ibrahim Mohamedou waters his plants with a watering can at an IFAD-supported nursery, part of an anti-desertification programme near the village of Zabon Mousso. 245 kata lagi