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Theresa May to appoint Labour peer to scrutinise snooper's charter


Ann Taylor, a defence minister under Gordon Brown, is to chair joint committee on investigatory powers bill – but home secretary’s choice is controversial… 271 kata lagi


October 12, 2015

I can locate points on a coordinate plane.

  1. HO 4-9:  Don’t foget to complete both sides.  Students may check the Study Guide & Intervention side in Google Classroom.
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Delaware Met Is Having Another "Special" Board Meeting Tonight

The Delaware Met is having a “special” board meeting tonight to discuss further issues with the school.  Who knows what this meeting will bring.  Two weeks ago, the board decided to keep the school open after serious discussion about whether they should stay open or not.  131 kata lagi


Is the End of Independent News and Websites of Bloggers in Sight? “Operating an Independent Website could become Completely Outlawed”.


According to Matt Drudge it is. He is an American political commentator and the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, an online news aggregator. 408 kata lagi


October 12, 2015

Math:  dividing by multiples

ELA: Phantom Tollbooth

Science: Continue with ectotherms/endotherms

Social Studies: No time today (DARE)

Lunch: #1 BBQ rib sandwich  #2  Mac and cheese