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PM Modi: My expectations

Part 2 of series on #modiplan

Excerpts from article https://raverantreflect.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/pm-modis-game-planver1.pdf published on Oct 8, 2015 and some updates . The above article was written before the Bihar Elections and the stunning defeat of Modi. 202 kata lagi


Programação da 10ª Bienal do Mercosul

Zero Hora
Segundo Caderno | Pág. 4
Clipado em 25/11/2015 03:11:16


Cia de comédia G7 de volta no Rio

A Cia. de Comédia G7 está de volta ao Rio de Janeiro, em curta temporada, até o dia 20 de Dezembro,  no Teatro dos Grandes Atores na Barra da Tijuca, com o espetáculo “Manual de Sobrevivência ao Casamento”. 35 kata lagi


Independent Media Censored Because Of New Law

Published on Nov 23, 2015

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news of him confirming with 20 separate individuals in France that WeAreChange.org is blocked in that country. 24 kata lagi


My Filofax combo

It’s been a while since I decided to change up my planning tools. I did change a few things in between but mostly I’ve been using the A5. 365 kata lagi

What's On My Mind

November 24, 2015

Students have all unit 2 data entered into Mastery Connect.  Please log in and review this information with your child over the break.  Everyone should have a post-formative report to return signed by a parent on Monday, November 30th. 74 kata lagi


Council Agenda - Nov 24, 2015

Location/Time: SB-105 at 11AM

  1. Officer’s Reports
  2. Report from Reps
  3. NRC Report
  4. Institutional Organizing Committee Report
  5. Open Enrollment Update
  6. Chairperson Meeting Report
  7. Education Inc. Review