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New year, new you: back to the basics

Prior to Jan. 1 each year, I prepare a list of goals to aim toward over the next 365 days. This year was no different; however, come New Year’s Day, I abandoned several of my plans to focus on immediate, more pressing needs: my relational, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. 126 kata lagi


How to Create Your Own Agenda

Hello everyone,

As Simone has previously highlighted in her post on Monday, agendas are a very important tool to try and organize your life as a student, parent, or person in general. 558 kata lagi



Hello there!

I created this daily planner for people like myself who battle with inner resistance & self sabotage on a regular basis. This planner is inspired by Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art”, which has changed my life and the way I work. 163 kata lagi


Happy Friday!

What’s on your #agenda for this #weekend? Anything #garden related?

agenda Fri Jan 19: Act 1 of HAMLET


  1. watch selected scenes from a film interpretation of the play–selections that help us review the main moments in Act 1
  2. Journal entry–10′
  3. view film from Act 1 Scene 4…
  4. 22 kata lagi

Government Shutdown

All this talk of a Federal Government shutdown is a bunch of hot air. Politics and the mainstream media, in its dimwitted wisdom, think that the average citizen will buy it, lock, stock, and barrel.  379 kata lagi


Welcome, Patriots!

Welcome, Patriots!

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We’re in this together, this American experiment we call democracy.  168 kata lagi