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Michaela Crimmin apresenta palestra sobre arte e conflito

Dia 4 de Maio, num evento que junta CECC e Lisbon Consortium, a Universidade Católica Portuguesa recebe Michaela Crimmin,  do site Art+Conflict, no âmbito do seminário Culture Entrepreneurship dos cursos de Mestrado e Doutoramento do Lisbon Consortium em Estudos de Cultura, a cargo da docente e investigadora Luísa Santos. 64 kata lagi


For His Glory

Reading: Acts 1: 1-11

All too often we are like the disciples. Jesus tells them that they will soon receive the Holy Spirit. He has taught and built them up so that they can carry on His work as they go out to share the good news and to build the church. 311 kata lagi

May 3, 2016

math:  changing mixed numbers into improper fractions

ELA: Fort Sumter: Start of the Civil War

Science: Go over Solar system/Moon test

Social Studies: Harriet Tubman

Lunch:  1.  lasagna or spaghetti      2.   cheeseburger


agenda Tue May 3: jrnl fdbk, QMs, time

F / 8:30

H / 11:45

learning goals: what is the essential difference between analysis and personal commentary?

jrnl fdbk

complete QM Tally sheet for these TRNTN assignments: 27 kata lagi


Mindful Traveling – Without An Itinerary

By Rachel Drinkwater

The idea of heading to a new place with no idea of what there is to see and do – and no plans – will undoubtedly make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. 910 kata lagi

Preview of May Metro Service Council Meetings

It’s May, and baseball season is well underway. If you’re not busy taking Metro’s Dodger Stadium Express to catch a home game, why not stop by the Service Council meeting in your area? 282 kata lagi

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