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Agar agar is a new 'go to' dessert

I’m having so much fun making these simple desserts. So many things that you can use to make with agar agar. It’s a vegan alternative to gelatin.   129 kata lagi

Agar agar

1 agar agar pack
500ml milk
500ml water
130g sugar

Basically if you follow the packaging of the agar agar, it will tell you to use 1L of water and 250g of sugar. 176 kata lagi

White Sugar

El Agar-agar. Quién es este muchacho?

Hace tiempo que los grandes cocineros lo han integrado en su cocina por la versatilidad que ofrece. El agar-agar es un alga perfecta para el verano, que remineraliza y refresca la vez, fácil de integrar en los platos e ideal para sustituir la gelatina animal en los postres. 730 kata lagi

Soluciones Culinarias

Creme Caramel with Rhubarb Compot

This is an easy to make, light and delicious summer pudding with plenty of possibilities for  interesting flavour combinations, the basic recipe is as follows: 263 kata lagi


Cold Summer Leek and Crab Soup

A quick starter that is great on a hot day, the cold leek and crab soup provides a delicious starter, easy to prepare.

It seems strange to have a crab ice-cream but it works perfectly, the delicate taste of the crab combining superbly with the leek soup. 218 kata lagi


Gula Melaka Agar Agar

I brought gula melaka agar agar to a Singapore / Malaysian theme BBQ get-together this evening. This is a nice and refreshing dessert when well chilled. 151 kata lagi


Yeast-Free Buns

For those of you that like bread but prefer to avoid the gluten and yeast, this might just be your new favourite recipe. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, just like a good ‘ol bakery bun. 314 kata lagi