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Dracula Annual, 1972, N.E.L.

Today we’re taking a bit of a diversion in The Churchyard. We’re taking a stroll away from the usual, neatly aligned shelves of horror paperbacks over to that dark corner, the one we rarely venture into, the one with the untidy shelves, the one we vaguely refer to as ‘miscellany corner’. 1.560 kata lagi

Oddities & Ephemera

Roasted banana ice cream with bananes flambees

Written by Benoit

A simple dessert as satisfying as a sophisticated entremet.
Again, making an ice cream is a simple easy treat to make, and expected even at the end of a big meal. 231 kata lagi


Post #19 - 2015 Nyobain Tarami Fruit Market

Jadi ceritanya hari ini ada adlib baru judulnya TARAMI FRUIT MARKET. Kupikir adlib pasar buah apaan, ternyata produk makanan! Huehehehe. Dan jarang-jarang juga kalau ada produk yang… 381 kata lagi


Clementine Aperol Spritz Jello "shots"

Being on the Munchies mail list I get videos from them all the time.  To be honest when I saw that this was a video about jello shots I kind of rolled my eyes and didn’t watch it.   459 kata lagi


Molecular Gastronomy 

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking new things. I try to make new and unique things most of the time. I recently discovered molecular gastronomy, a type of food science that involves making extremely unique and creative foods. 501 kata lagi

Agar Agar

Resep Untuk Kura-kura Yang Tidak Suka Sayur Dan Tulang Sotong

Saya sering mendapatkan pertanyaan bagaimana membuat kura-kura kita mau makan sayur dan tulang sotong.

Sebenarnya, hal seperti ini sangat mudah sekali dilakukan jika kita sering ke Dapur ;) 456 kata lagi


Agar Agar

Agar Agar (also known as agar, or kanten) is the mucilage content drawn from several seaweeds. As a herbalist, I’ve always been fascinated with mucilaginous herbs and foods. 551 kata lagi