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Word of the Month: agar-agar


Agar Agar is a vegetarian gelatin substitute produced from a variety of seaweed vegetation. It is sold in health food stores in both flake and powder varieties, and can be used in a variety of dairy-free and vegan recipes as a stabilizing and thickening agent for… 178 kata lagi

The Mermaid Chef

Marja uputus

See on vist miski saartele omane kiiks, et nad on paksemalt ja suuremaid marju täis kui mandri metsad. Igatahes Vormsil olid augustikuuks kõik metsa- ja põlluääred ning teeservad paksult põldmarju täis! 380 kata lagi



Agar-agar berbentuk kolam ikan, only 20rb

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Lemon Squares

These vegan lemon squares are tart, sweet and delicious. They are the perfect vegan dessert!


1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup powdered sugar…
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Meatless Mondays

Vegan Raw Cheesecake

There has been a trend for a while in the foodies’ world. Raw desserts. And making vegan cheesecake. I finally gave in and made one. It is really worth the effort as it is delicious and full of nutrition. 369 kata lagi


Experiment 2.0 - Result : not too impressive

So I waited a week to see if I could grow phellinus igniarius in an agar agar medium.

Non Bleach version

There seem to be something white growing in the agar agar. 157 kata lagi

Phellinus Igniarius

Dracula Annual, 1972, N.E.L.

Today we’re taking a bit of a diversion in The Churchyard. We’re taking a stroll away from the usual, neatly aligned shelves of horror paperbacks over to that dark corner, the one we rarely venture into, the one with the untidy shelves, the one we vaguely refer to as ‘miscellany corner’. 1.560 kata lagi

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