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A Christian Science Monitor article: "When prayer helps end conflicts"

The Christian Science Monitor reports that “Religious leaders have achieved a truce between rebel groups in the Central African Republic through a ‘spiritually inspired’ method.” – read on in this article at:

When prayer helps end conflicts

Marokko | #2 | Magisch Marrakesh

We gaan eindelijk Marrakesh zelf bekijken! Na een heerlijk ontbijtje in de Riad wagen we ons weer in het doolhof. De straatjes rondom onze riad beginnen we al aardig te snappen, de rest blijft verdwalen! 285 kata lagi


Marokko | #1 | Watervallen in de hete zon

Yes, het is weer zo ver! We gaan weer op reis. Dit keer naar Marokko. We gaan een rondreis maken door het halve land, te beginnen in Marrakech. 242 kata lagi


Tunézia, az "elsők" országa

Legalábbis nekem.

2007-t írunk, közeleg a nagyszüleim kerek évfordulója és az én 20. születésnapom. Erre valami különleges és emlékezetes dukál. A családi kupaktanács meghozza az ítéletet: utaznak a nagyszülők. 933 kata lagi


Wk24-2017 Spool #5 preparation and load-out

Porto Amboim rock in the past provided with a lighthouse.

Sling cleaning

Porto Amboim Harbour

Barge H332 ready for the load-out

Barge outfitting, for each spool changes have to be made… 239 kata lagi


How Delicious Is Bhaji Potato, Hash Browns from Africa

Foods that are fried, it has its own delights. Anyone can not resist the savory and crunchy of the fried food. Not to mention, the color of fried golden brown when freshly lifted from in hot oil increasing the appetite of someone. 183 kata lagi


My Top 4 Ethiopian Beers

What is the definition of cheap? In my opinion it’s Ethiopian beer. But when I talk of cheap, I do not mean that the quality is low. 866 kata lagi