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Community mourns Utah Guardsman killed in combat in Afghanistan

MONTICELLO, Utah — Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler, a Utah Guardsman killed in combat, was remembered by his community in Monticello Thursday night at a candlelight vigil. 441 kata lagi


'Guardian angel' need for advisers in Afghanistan drives call for more troops

KABUL (Reuters) – Navigating a chaotic maze of cars and people, the convoy of British army armored vehicles weaves slowly through Kabul. The job of about a dozen soldiers is to protect just two international advisers on their way to meet Afghan soldiers.

A memoir about straddling the tectonic plates of Islam and modernism

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a generally sound injunction. Yet sometimes the book inside a cover that catches the eye pays off the promise of the cover. 1.146 kata lagi

American Literature

A personal blog post.

I truly do not know who to introduce this to anymore, it’s an introduction to my feelings been explored in this post and it’s for all of my readers to know me. 695 kata lagi


Geesh, another blog.  And yes more words from a former soldier, a career soldier.  But this is not for you, it’s for me.  These are words I’ve wanted to put down for years and finally have time and energy to do it. 164 kata lagi

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Closing Thought--17Aug17

Another US Soldier Dies!

I hate that I must write these types of posts!

More sad news….I reported on Monday about 2 troops that were killed in Iraq. 195 kata lagi

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