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Blog #22 – Wyeth and the World Around……

Asrar’s Note: Dear Pharma Veterans! I have created this space for ‘Pharma Veterans’; all of us. I am filling this space to begin with, to keep it moving.

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Work Life In Pharma

Jim Acosta Is Not a Journalist and The Schumer Shutdown

Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN is not a journalist. Acosta is just another far left liberal disguised as a journalist. Jim has no comments or concerns about Pelosi and Schumer’s total hypocrisy when the opposed the government in 2013. 388 kata lagi


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Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents. It will interesting when the memo is released on the FAKE NEWS folks  (Jim Acosta) and how much each of them has been paid for the role they play outside of their news institution. It is my understanding some of them or maybe all are being paid by Soros and the Democrats for the fake news cud they chew up and spit out. kommonsentsjane

Syrian War Daily – 21st of January 2018

Hello and welcome to the 313th installment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates: 1.669 kata lagi

Military Updates

Siege at Kabul Hotel Caps a Violent 24 Hours in Afghanistan

Kam Air canceled several flights on Sunday, according to Farid Peykar, the company’s vice president, who added that operations would be affected for days to come as the carrier tries to attend to the shock and concern of its staff members. 1.255 kata lagi


A Kabul si continua a morire

Passati dicembre (2001) e gennaio (2002) in una casa afghana malmessa e con le finestre rotte (di notte si scendeva a meno venti pechè Kabul, lo ricordo, sta a duemila metri) sentimmo parlare della riapertura dell’hotel Intercontinental chiuso per tutta la durata del regime talebano. 226 kata lagi


Part III: Empire

Peter Van Buren

Peter is a 24 year veteran as a State Department diplomat and ended his service as leading an FOB ( forward operating base) during the Iraq war. 580 kata lagi