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Chapter 20- I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

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Afghanistan, May 2010, Camp Delaram

Everyone had shit going on. Everyone had family issues in the States. 1.452 kata lagi


Inside Afghanistan's Opium Trade

Afghan Overdose: Inside the Opium Trade

RT (2015)

Film Review

Afghan Overdose is an RT documentary that seems more geared for Russian than foreign consumption. Although the narrator is dubbed in English, actual dialogue is Russian or Farsi with subtitles. 241 kata lagi


War Machine: 2017

Focusing my attention to a movie and shying away to write about a real situation is not typical of me. I eagerly wait to collect all facts about the situation in Venezuela and why United States of America is so keen in an oil-rich state of South America. 438 kata lagi


Afghanistan: The World’s Largest Opium Producer

Opium is used to produce heroin and other illicit opioids.

In his book titled “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade,” 394 kata lagi


Test Status and the next Big Thing

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this past week, you’ll know that the ICC have confirmed Full Member status for Ireland and Afghanistan, making them the 11th and 12th Full Members and the first since Bangladesh in 2000. 437 kata lagi