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White House says circumstances of Taliban leader's death remain uncertain


The White House said on Friday the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, but the circumstances of his death remain uncertain. 33 kata lagi


How Pakistan based Jihadi turned anchor glorify the Afghan conflict after the Mullah Omer death..?

The death of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omer is not that much focused in Afghan media organizations. But here in Pakistan one of the then Jihadi turned anchor… 656 kata lagi

Mercenary Drone Operators Kill Outside US Chain of Command

Sputnik – 01.08.2015

WASHINGTON — The US armed forces are using a growing number of mercenaries or contractors to operate lethal drone attacks as regular troops are increasingly unwilling to do so, experts told Sputnik.

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United States

Selamat Jalan Mullah Omar

Baru saja keluar kabar bahwa Amir dari Emirat Islam Afghanistan, Mullah Muhammad Omar telah meninggal dunia, kali ini kabar datang dari juru bicara Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid… 225 kata lagi

War Of The Thrones

Governments Still Dither Over Calais

The governments of Britain and France have once again shown how totally out of touch they are with the situation in Calais. With more and more migrants turning up day by day, the two governments are still not taking decisive action to solve the problems at the port. 1.058 kata lagi


Afghanistan: A Failed State In Perpetuity Or The Green Shots Of A Renewed Nation?

Despite the horrendous cost of 185,000 – 249,000 estimated casualties since 2001, Afghanistan’s security and prosperity is still of major international concern. The country has been at war since the fall of the Taliban Regime, yet the resurgence of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda during the so-called War on Terror is evident with… 1.512 kata lagi


New Afghan Taliban leader promises to continue insurgency

KABUL – The new leader of the Afghan Taliban vowed to continue his group’s bloody, nearly 14-year insurgency in an audio message released Saturday, urging his fighters to remain unified after the death of their longtime leader. 886 kata lagi