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What Amazing Love -- 1 John 3:16-24 -- April 26 2015/ Easter 4B

Psalm 23/ 1 John 3:16-24/ John 10: 11-18

[i] On Monday April 20 2015, we had the funeral of John Dawson, a soldier shot and killed in Afghanistan.  560 more words


On Leadership in Battle

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Doubtless, the U.S. has commanding officers capable of delivering a no-nonsense speech before battle.

You bet we do as shown below. 293 more words


The Art of War by Sun-tzu translated by John Minford

The Art of War by Sun-tzu is a provocation;it giveth answers and taketh them away. Its principles are those of most strategies, culminating in the overriding edict: fight when you will win; don’t fight when you won’t. 1.128 more words

The Relationship Between Fiction And Fact

Taliban Kill Police Chief In Afghanistan

A second police chief from the same Afghanistan province has been killed by Taliban militants, within six weeks of the previous attack. 190 more words


Glorification of Nazism and the US marines who only ‘advise’

Only in Europe? The US, Canada and Ukraine were the sole countries in the world that voted in November against the United Nations anti-Nazi resolution condemning the glorification of National Socialism and Nazi collaboration. 861 more words

United States

Picking Favourites

Hey guys!

I know I can be incredibly indecisive when it comes to choosing certain things. Like if someone asks me to choose between two things that I either like or dislike equally, I won’t be able to choose. 381 more words


Afghan Revenge: Death and Chaos in the Streets of America

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are estimated to cost about $1.5 trillion. In neither country can the US and friends claim a decisive victory, unless “victory” is defined as unleashing chaos. 1.455 more words

Western Imperialism