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The Walking Disney


An animated parody of the Walking Dead mixed with a parody of Disney characters.

After Effects

Photoshop Before & After


Samples of my skills in using Adobe Photoshop, photo editing/repair and graphics creation.

A phone shot of Zion National Park. I seperated this picture into two layers. 123 kata lagi

Photoshop 2.5 Effect

Photoshop 2.5 Effect

This is an example of the “Photoshop 2.5 Effect,” where you take a still jpeg, duplicate it into layers, use the lasso, magic wand and pen tools to cut out each individual person, move them apart in after effects as if they were on a Disney Multiplane camera.

After Effects


No chair is perfect. Just like life. It takes time and patients but when you’re motivated you can create great things.


Cider Creek AD: Winter Cinn

For my Advanced Modeling,Texturing, & Lighting Class I was tasked with redesigning a Label and creating an ad for Cider Creek, I chose the “Winter Cinn” flavor. 55 kata lagi


Creative Ad

Febreze Ad


I wanted my ads to appeal to the audience they are recommended for. When they are interested in the design and message, it will help with the product outcome. 243 kata lagi