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Working with layer masks

Use masks to hide layers in Photoshop

(originally written by me as an answer on Quora)

When you assign a mask to a layer, adjustment layer or folder you are telling Photoshop to show anything that, in the mask, is filled white and hide anything filled black. 436 kata lagi


Time Travelling

My 1976 self not listening to my 2017 time-traveller self at Nash Point in South Wales, telling him not to give up film-making and pontificating about many other things life has taught him. 25 kata lagi


Maureen Wroblewitz - Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5

Maureen Wroblewitz
Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5
Digital Painting Fan Art in Adobe Photoshop


Editorial Style Instagram Posts

One of my favorite things to do in regards to Art & Design is create beautiful photography style / editorial style Instagram posts for a more visually pleasing Instagram feed. 168 kata lagi

Feeling Fall

This is another work from a series I posted a few other parts of a while back. I created this series during my experimental photography class at SUNY Oswego, which is when I really fell in love with the art of scannography. 34 kata lagi




Uploaded on Apr 29, 2007

“Transient” Produced by Mike Stevens and his advanced 2D animation students. I did the voice of the old man/wizard ( I did not contribute to the animation). 60 kata lagi

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