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After the heavy rain

Brothers & sisters…, finally today we had a heavy rain..!!


Photography : Adenium ( bunga kamboja Jepang)

Brothers & sisters…, bunga adalah salah satu objek kesukaan saya untuk belajar foto. Karena ya gampang ditemukan dan juga memperlihatkan keindahan nya. Foto-foto berikut adalah bunga adenium yang saya tanam di halaman belakang rumah.


Flat Graft

Grafting provides me an opportunity to multiply my collection of beautiful Adenium flowers easily, quickly and at a minimal cost.

Raise a few seedlings in a common pot for about six to eight months, and you have good candidates ready for grafts. 150 kata lagi


Multi-V Graft

One of the best grafting method that is easy for a beginner is a flat graft. In a nutshell stick a flat piece of scion on another, and you have a flat graft. 206 kata lagi


Growing Adeniums aka Desert Rose from seeds

Adeniums aka Desert Rose are quite a sturdy bunch of plants that donot require much special handling for a home gardener and give you abandunt flowers, so a desirable plant for most gardeners. 238 kata lagi



  • Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1819. It is native to Africa and to the Arabian Peninsula.

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