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My first adenium

So many times I have seen beautiful short plants, kind of like bonsais, but not exactly … The plants usually bore fascinating flowers which were unusually large and colourful for such short plants. 390 kata lagi


Flowers are not made by sitting in the shade

Take courage under the heat, my friend.

Flowers are not made in the shade. – Rudyard Kipling

The weather is unbelievably hot. We are informed that this is the hottest ever. 160 kata lagi

Art About Plants

Birth of a Leader

No one is a born leader. People become leaders only after passing through fire day in and day out and unceasingly hearing the whispers of their hardened stems, angry rumbles of their ever-thirsty roots, and painful sighs of the fallen ones. 25 kata lagi

New Blooms

Spring has come and gone and summer is definitely out in full force! By 8:30 a.m, its already scorching hot.

I have a little garden in my office – potted plants; and today, I came to work and saw my gardenia have its first bloom of the year! 155 kata lagi

Life In Kuwait

Vicious summer continued...

I thought the heat wave won’t last very long, I was wrong, just last week, it was declared that the weather would be the hottest it has ever been. 161 kata lagi