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Adenium obesum seedlings

Family: Apocynaceae (a-pos-ih-NAY-see-ee)

Genus: Adenium (a-DEE-nee-um)

Species: obesum (oh-BEE-sum)

Light: Full Sun

Water: Let dry well before watering.

Adenium is one of the most interesting genus of plants out there. 589 kata lagi


Thriving On Change

The Adenium flowers (Desert Rose) are appearing again in Delhi. They blossom only when the season changes; when summer changes to monsoon, when monsoon yields to winter, and when winter gives way to summer… 6 kata lagi

Belajar moto : kuncup Adenium

Brothers & sisters…, foto-foto ini saya ambil beberapa hari yang lalu saat baru saja berhenti hujan. Pengin nya bisa mendapatkan butiran-butiran air yang menempel di kuncup bunga. 28 kata lagi


Nursery in the city

Recently I was in my hometown, Kolkata, on holiday. My wife told me that there was a very good nursery in the Sakher bazar area and the plants are pretty inexpensive but she did not know the exact location. 297 kata lagi


Adenium buds

A few months back, I almost threw out my two Adenium plants because they were infested with mealy bugs. I pruned both of them a few times until they were both bald but when leaves started to grow again, the mealy bugs were back. 60 kata lagi