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Adenium buds

A few months back, I almost threw out my 2 Adenium plants because they were infested with mealy bugs. I pruned both of them a few times until they were both bald but when leaves started to grow again, the mealy bugs were back. 60 kata lagi

Soil for adeniums

My adeniums came from the nursery potted in black soil. From what I read on the web, adeniums need fast draining soil. So I decided to look around for the proper potting medium. 452 kata lagi


My first adenium

So many times I have seen beautiful short plants, kind of like bonsais, but not exactly … The plants usually bore fascinating flowers which were unusually large and colourful for such short plants. 390 kata lagi


Flowers are not made by sitting in the shade

Take courage under the heat, my friend.

Flowers are not made in the shade. – Rudyard Kipling

The weather is unbelievably hot. We are informed that this is the hottest ever. 160 kata lagi

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