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Adenium straggly legs

If your adenium is straggly, be heartless and prune it.

It won’t hate you.

It will grow back. More abundantly. Pruning with clean cut strengthens the plant. 19 kata lagi


Foto-foto iseng

Brothers & sisters…., kalau kita senang fotografi apa saja bisa jadi objek foto yang menarik. Di bawah ini tiga objek yang saya foto di satu lokasi, halaman rumah di kampung. 8 kata lagi


The magic!

As far as I know, Adenium plants have the capacity to be re-grown through cuttings of the mother plant. I tried the last time, but did not bother to take care of it well. 107 kata lagi

Container Gardening

The endless possibilities...experimented

With the success in growing roots for the Banyan, I cut some branches of the Desert Rose (Adenium) that grow in the common cement wall in the terrace garden and placed them in containers, with the cut end touching the water. 32 kata lagi

Container Gardening

Scars To Your Beautiful

While I love my Chanel perfume as much as the next girl, I think nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked sweet dish, specially one that has vanilla essence. 1.228 kata lagi

Reflecting On Water