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12 Pack 9 Lives Pate Favorites Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, Save 73%!

Was $14.85 for a 12 Pack of 9 Lives 5.5oz 'Pate Favorites Variety Pack' Canned Cat Food

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#ProjectOnline project user sync to project sites #PPM #O365 #PowerShell #SharePoint

This is a supporting blog post for an example solution starter PowerShell script I wrote for Microsoft’s Office 365 PPM tool Project Online. With the great improvement from Microsoft to now support up to 30,000 Projects and Project Sites in one Project Online Project Web App site collection, there are some limitations such as not being able to sync the users to project sites outside of the PWA site collection. 552 kata lagi


Extra Groups v1.0 released!

Made by the great Julien Duroure on his quest to improve rigging and animation in Blender he created this add-on a perfect companion for every animator, it’s very similar to the Bone Selection Sets add-on that comes in blender, but 100 times more powerful, fully featured, among some of these, the ability to select, add or subtract selection of groups, has a quick access with the Q key, you can import and export selection groups for when you’re using similar rigs ( i.e: multiple characters rigged with blenrig, or rigify ), you can solo controls, key a group, and even come up with your own setups! 36 kata lagi

Pale Moon - Incompatible add-ons

My very first post was about the awesome browser Pale Moon.
You can read the article here.

I received some complains from users who found a lot of incompatibilities when installing add-ons from Firefox. 179 kata lagi


Shopping Hacks

Hello lovelies! Over the years I have tried numerous ways to save money when it comes to shopping. Couponing, rain checks, and searching the web for every sale code discount. 428 kata lagi


Want to report across #ProjectOnline Project Sites for #SharePoint list data? #PPM #JavaScript #Office365 #REST #OData

For those of you that are familiar with Project Server or Project Online, only the default lists and default columns from those lists are synchronised to the database reporting schema. 312 kata lagi


aGlass Eye Tracking for the HTC Vive For Release

The functional accessories for the HTC Vive continue to appear, and this next one is set to introduce much more flexibility to the headset. The aGlass Eye-tracking add-on dev kit will be available this month in China, for $220. 460 kata lagi