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This isn’t a post about Taylor, beautiful though he was, and is. It’s a post about the little white thing behind his head and the things that go in it, which form part of a typically complicated scenario in Italy. 288 kata lagi

Living In Italy

Q&A: Can I use one MagSafe adaptor for both my MacBook Pro and Air?

Q I could not resist buying a MacBook Air, and have ended up with yet another MagSafe mains adaptor. In a quest to rationalise and simplify hardware, could I power my new Air using a MacBook Pro 85 W MagSafe adaptor? 154 kata lagi


GoPro Threaded Tripod Mount - Have A Go Hero

I joined the ranks of the many twats / wankers who own this camera.

The GoPro is a curious object, with an annoying advertising slogan sprawled on its back. 265 kata lagi

Film Equipment