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Finding an adapter in Korea

So you’ve just landed in Korea, if you’re here for a short holiday or business trip this might not be of concern since apparently large hotels have adapters you can borrow. 350 kata lagi


HP Elite USB-C Docking Station

USB-C is here, all hail USB-C for it is our saviour, it’ll go in either way and won’t use that special 4th dimension that USB plugs currently use (You know the one, insert-fail, turn it over and insert-fail, then turn it back over and it finally inserts) and it delivers all content including power! 359 kata lagi


HooToo USB-C Hub

Price: £56.99
Amazon UK link here

Final rating: 5/5

Works perfectly with the new USB-C MacBooks and will fulfill all of your necessities.
Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Pink, and Space Gray. 74 kata lagi