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MLB's (Ice Cold) Hot Stove 2018: Why It's Happening, and How To Fix It

This year’s off-season of free agency has been stalled to a block of ice in MLB.  And there is a number of working theories concerning what is happening. 1.794 kata lagi

Adam Smith: the dangers of specialization

As mentioned in the previous article, which was about AGI and labor, the idea of specialization can be quite dangerous. We need only consider how signals flow throughout a nervous system, or how people communicate, to see what happens when one piece of information becomes overly localized. 2.259 kata lagi


Teori Kapitalisme Smith dan Weber

Ada dua tokoh besar konseptor teori kapitalisme: Adam Smith dan Maximilian Weber. Sebagaimana kita ketahui, definisi generik kapitalisme yaitu sistem global dalam bidang ekonomi yang berorientasi modal (kapital) dan bersifat individualistis. 668 kata lagi

Adam Smith

New Economic Ideas: Capitalism vs. Communism

As Industry grew and populations grew from primarily rural to urban society began to change and new ways of thinking about the economy emerged. Next, we will examine the new ideas and the thinkers who struggled with how to understand the consequences of the industrial world.  148 kata lagi

Industrial Revolution

Book review: Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?

It’s almost a year since I wrote,

I’m almost finished reading Katrine Marçal’s Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner? which absolutely nails this topic. Hopefully have a review up shortly!

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Sex And Gender

Adam Smith: why we don't want AGI and the dangers of specialization

When I previously posted about Adam Smith, we were discussing the conflation between wants and demand; that is, we considered the potential misunderstandings which would arise from assuming that demands necessarily reflect wants. 613 kata lagi