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Adam Smith's Sympathetic Imagination: A Reply to Lennon, Millicent Churcher

Author Information: Millicent Churcher, The University of Sydney, millicent.churcher@sydney.edu.au

Churcher, Millicent. “Adam Smith’s Sympathetic Imagination: A Reply to Lennon.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective… 2.897 kata lagi

Critical Replies

Ceej Says... Adam + Gill's Trivia Game review

Coming from the combined anthological (that’s a word, right?) might of Gill Hatcher (Team Girl Comic) and Adam J. Smith (Khakhi Shorts), 1.032 kata lagi


Why economists should be men of literature | Aremu Adams Adebisi

The segregation of courses into various fields of study for centralisation and mastery was borne out of the establishment of the specialisation theory and the division of labour. 532 kata lagi


Adam Smith: Pillar of Liberalism

Died on this day 226 years ago — check out Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith for a collection of specially commissioned chapters from philosophers, economists, and political scientists, focusing on Adam Smith’s two main works… 35 kata lagi

Spontaneous Order

Call on Congress to Support Programs that Work

The Millionair Club Charity is a proud subgrantee of the Social Innovation Fund (SIF).  On Wednesday, July 12, Congress will vote on funding for SIF. Read more below, and think about what YOU would tell your Senator or Representative about funding SIF. 782 kata lagi

Millionair Club Charity

Big Screen Economics: Hunger Games

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to entertainment with economics. In these posts I consider fictional places and discuss the economics behind them, meaning you are educated and entertained. 1.129 kata lagi


Who's On First? Private Property or Competition?

David Brin trained as a scientist, has written science fiction and consults with the government and corporations regarding what will happen next. He’s not an economist, but he’s written an interesting little… 1.067 kata lagi