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Viva the Invisible Hand! The Enduring Effectiveness of the Impersonal Market

While I would wholeheartedly argue for personal integrity, character, and love as critical elements of human interactions and the human experience, the essay Everybody Loves Mikey  603 kata lagi


Response to "Are Christianity and Capitalism Compatible?"

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A comment on the history of economics (see Nasar’s “The Grand Pursuit”), motivated primarily by the principle that just as we should not hold Christ responsible for all the terrible things done in his name, so we should not hold Adam Smith responsible for all the things done in his name. 377 kata lagi


Adam Smith on the Profits of Stock

“All money is a matter of belief.” —Adam Smith

The rate of return, or the level of profit, is one of many issues discussed by Adam Smith in his now famous and influential economics book… 551 kata lagi

Financial History

David Hume and Scottish Philosophy

By Gordon Graham

Not so very long ago, it was quite widely accepted that Britain’s most significant contribution to the development of philosophy was ‘empiricism’ and that its great exponents were the Englishman John Locke, the Irishman George Berkeley, and the Scot David Hume. 409 kata lagi


Show, don't tell: Cinematography for beginners

XTV’s Training Coordinator Adam Smith shares his tips on cinematography for those new to student TV

Show, don’t tell. It’s the golden rule of writing, but is probably a more potent message when told to budding filmmakers. 528 kata lagi

Tips And Tricks

Adam Smith and economic freedom

As I finally catch up on the Great Books of the Western World reading project, I come now, somewhat out of order, to Smith. The introduction and first nine chapters of Smith’s  347 kata lagi