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Love and Kingship: The Book of Ruth and Jerusalem Day

As temperatures rise and flowers bloom, we can feel the holiday of Shavuot approaching – perhaps our sweetest holiday – when the Book of Ruth is read in the synagogue. 1.336 kata lagi

Book Review

Gelecekte Ekonomi 1

Adam Smith piyasaları düzenleyen bir görünmez elden bahseder. Onun kitabını okuyan çok az kişi bu görünmez elin ne olduğunu anlamıştır. Bu görünmez el; açlık ve ölümdür. 739 kata lagi

Adam Smith on Bourgeois Ladies

In 1776, Adam Smith commented on the tendency of rich women (bourgeois ladies) to have less children than poor ones. (The Wealth of Nations… 269 kata lagi

Perverting Professional Usage

I should sit down and ponder sometime why it is that I’ll occasionally respond to grocery-store cashiers’ casual questions as if I believe in their pretense of interest. 710 kata lagi

Stoke 2 Bournemouth 2

In a crazy match 2 own goals were scored. Lys Mousset scored an early own goal to put Stoke ahead but later in the second half Junior Stanislas equalised it. 47 kata lagi

Deadly Duo

Capitalism had arisen through the misuse and exaggeration of certain rights, notably the right of property — the basis of economic freedom — and the right of contract, which is one of the main functions of economic freedom. 80 kata lagi