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Introduction to Psychology (and Philosophy)

Some information on Psychology and with some Philosophy mixed in.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior.   All humans are affected by psychology.     Usually it becomes intertwined with Psychiatry … … which is in regards to mental disorders. 288 kata lagi

A Trip to the Market

It’s February, and February sucks. For most of the country, it’s much colder than we would like. In parts, it’s downright frigid. It gets dark too early, light too late. 403 kata lagi


Cari economisti, studiate i Promessi Sposi

Il romanzo riletto da Luigi Einaudi. Che si soffermava in particolare sulle pagine dedicate ai tumulti per il pane e sulle soluzioni suggerite da Manzoni per contrastare la carestia e abbassare i prezzi… 1.047 kata lagi


Day 106: by sympathy, to communicate

Last night I went to bed before 9pm. I knew that going to sleep at that hour would likely result in me waking up in the middle of the night, but I was feeling aimless and sleepy enough to sleep. 1.017 kata lagi

The Evolution of Everything

The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge, by Matt Ridley.

People have a natural tendency to seek agency. If something momentous happens, then someone must have caused it. 2.964 kata lagi


Despite its failure and the associated disorder, the war on drugs persists for a variety of reasons. The police like it; it allows them to confiscate property and enhance their budgets.

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Conversation as Therapy

In a social and business landscape that applauds endeavors to build the bottom line of a corporation rather than build our character, where utilitarian outcomes are prized over human ones, we succumb to an always on, continually judged and never enough expectation of perpetual productivity. 299 kata lagi