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Market Failure

From the time, we learnt about the seat reservations in government colleges to actually getting into one of these colleges. We have pretty much pondered about why do we have this body of unknown people poking into our interests. 406 kata lagi

Adam Smith

Greed is Bad

In the movie Wall Street, the director sought to present to viewers a modern-day parable illustrating the harmful effects of greed. By portraying the protagonist, Gordon Gekko, in what he regarded as an unfavourable light, and the fact that Gekko and his young protégé go to jail for insider trading, he probably believed that the movie would serve as a moral lesson about the dangers of excessive corporate greed and arrogance. 2.387 kata lagi

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

Unhappy people

​Never let people who are more unhappy than you tell you how to live your life.

Never let people who are more unhappy than you tell you how to live your life.

— Adam Smith (@asmithblog) September 22, 2016


TRESPASS AGAINST US (2016): New Trailer From Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson...

Trespass Against Us is Michael Fassbender’s new movie. Also starring Brendan Gleeson and directed by Adam Smith, Fassbender is a member of an outlaw family who’s trying to escape the criminal life… 70 kata lagi


Some afterthoughts on Rio Paralympics

Paralympics are over, and with them the cycle of Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Once again the city was able to put up a good show, and thankfully all went well in the Cidade Maravilhosa. 964 kata lagi

Current Events

Economics for Humans by Julie A. Nelson

Economics for Humans was published in 2006 and written by Julie A. Nelson, a prominent feminist economist and Professor of Economics at University of Massachusetts Boston. 763 kata lagi


Alguns mitos, equívocos e objeções comuns ao capitalismo

No meu último post ofereci uma definição de capitalismo baseada nos conceitos de escolha pessoal, trocas voluntárias, liberdade de competição e direitos de propriedade privada. Em resumo, um capitalismo liberal ou uma sociedade de livre mercado. 1.013 kata lagi