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Nearly fifty percent of American workers could be displaced by 2035

Originally posted : TED Talk Please allocate just 10 minutes to listen unmissable video Why we need to rethink capitalism

Paul Tudor Jones II loves capitalism. 225 more words


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“If justice is removed,” said Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, “the great, the immense fabric of human society must in a moment crumble into atoms.”

Georgia Tech lands Virginia Tech graduate transfer

Virginia Tech’s leading scorer from this past season will now become a conference opponent, as Adam Smith has elected to use his last year of eligibility at Georgia Tech. 110 more words

Insights from Adam Smith: On the Tempering Power of the Unsympathetic Observer

I’ve brought up Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments to the conversation previously.

Smith begins this book by discussing the role of sympathy in society and then moves on to how understanding others’ sympathetic natures tends to temper our own emotional extremes. 546 more words


Theory Soup Wins the Prize

I am delighted to report that Dr Karl Warner, Chef par Excellence, previously featured in my blog post “Theory Soup” has been awarded the Adam Smith Business School Prize for PhD Excellence… 145 more words

Academic Voice

The Economic Man

Who cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?  Katrine Marcal’s rhetorical question and her book title give her the opportunity to challenge and illuminate the economics in relation to feminism and by extension to the weaker group of people and societies. 487 more words




Economics as an (In)dependent Science


Science has always been heavily influenced by the ideologies and interests of people. Although this phenomenon is unavoidable, it makes sense to reduce it as much as possible. 1.580 more words

Multidisciplinairy Economics

Slowly debunking the trade leads to peace fallacy

In 2010 I wrote that economic issues are just another factor in decisions on war or peace. There is nothing to suggest that free trade leads to peace per se (The Liberal Divide over Trade, Peace, and War,  132 more words