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The passing scene - August 4, 2015

These are links to interesting articles I came across yesterday and today.  I may add links during the day.   The comment thread is available for general and off-topic comments. 365 kata lagi

The Passing Scene

The Conversation: How the third wave of coffee shops is transforming high streets

Recently I had an article published about an aspect of this research project on The Conversation, a news and current affairs websites with articles written by academics and other experts in their fields. 144 kata lagi

Cafe Culture

"Vision of the Humanitarians," By Paul Schwennesen

The grand narrative goes something like this:

Some nations are rich, others poor. Poverty begets misery. Since we all wish to live in a world defined less by misery than by happiness, rich nations have a moral obligation to offer a friendly hand of assistance toward “less fortunate” nations. 1.913 kata lagi

Essays And Reviews

The Un-Free Market

Like unicorns, the free market does not exist. By definition, the free market is a market system in which the prices for goods and services are set freely by consent between vendors and consumers.  580 kata lagi

MARK MOYAR: How Obama Shrank the Military

Wall Street Journal — He’s used the budget sequester to accomplish what looks to have been his political goal from the start.

News last month of the U.S. 81 kata lagi


Federal Government Fails At So Much, So Often

Most Americans think that the federal government is incompetent and wasteful. What causes all the failures? A new study from Cato scholar Chris Edwards examines views on government failure, and outlines five key sources of federal failure. 67 kata lagi


National Post View: Government interest rate policies have created a mess that will only get worse when they start to rise again

What happens if interest rates go up? It’s not unthinkable, or even unlikely. They are at historically low levels, thanks in part to emergency government policies that have been in place for seven years now. 632 kata lagi

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