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Basic of Economics

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Economics is a very important concept in the everyday life of all people around the world. But not many know about the complete concept of economics nor do they need to. 613 kata lagi

Adam Smith

Adam Smith: Part V

Friendships with well connected Scots must have helped the career of Adam Smith, example here is Friendship Number 1:

Buccleuch Dynasty

Scots often visited Paris. Adam Smith was no exception, but he could not have spent so long in France without meeting the young Duke of Buccleuch. 469 kata lagi

Adam Smith: Part VI

Friendship with David Hume, friendship No.2

The Scottish Enlightenment was characterised by a thoroughgoing empiricism and practicality where the chief values were improvement, virtue, and practical benefit for the individual and society as a whole. 1.058 kata lagi

Adam Smith: Part VII

Friendship with James Oswald, friendship No.3

James Oswald (1715 – 24 March 1769)

The Oswald’s were a highly successful family and their wealth seems to have had three sources: trade, farming and coal. 362 kata lagi

Adam Smith: Part VIII

16th to 18th century, the mood seemed to be that we were, as an island people, not going to be invaded ever again.
Those who had wealth wanted to become richer, thus more influential and more powerful. 1.799 kata lagi

Adam Smith: Part IV

The will of the people of Scotland was crushed so many times once they signed the Act of Union in 1707 due to the financial crash of the Darien debacle. 719 kata lagi

Marx and Hume (and Smith)

As my previous post concerned Francis Hutcheson, a personal mentor of Adam Smith’s, it might be worth mentioning another major influence on Smith’s work: David Hume. 3.544 kata lagi