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Little Sentimental in Smith's philosophical works

Some books are just important – they may not be pretty, or colourful, or appeal to quick glances on the internet – but nevertheless – they are important. 146 kata lagi

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Tax Rates: Adam Smith Speaks

“The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. They find it difficult to get food, and the greater part of their little revenue is spent in getting it. 129 kata lagi


The Enlightenment’s Effects On Economy & Slavery

The Enlightenment

During 17th-18th century, there was a ideology culture movement that bourgeoisie and masses revolted feudalism and church. This movement was the Enlightenment-another ideological emancipation after the… 517 kata lagi


Kapitalisme menurut Adam Smith


Tulisan kali ini kita akan mengkaji sebuah pustaka penting secara berseri alias tidak sekali habis. Hal itu dimaksudkan agar pembaca bisa menikmati karya-karya utama dalam sejarah peradaban manusia secara mendalam.

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Adam Smith and "the man of system"

From Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments (paragraph VI.II.41-42):

The man whose public spirit is prompted altogether by humanity and benevolence, will respect the established powers and privileges even of individuals, and still more those of the great orders and societies, into which the state is divided.

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Philosophical And Speculative

The Emergence and Progress of Behavioral Economics: Does It Constitute a New Paradigm?

John F. Tomer, evaluates the paradigm of behavioral economics


Economics is a science, a social science. It is a science whose practices have for a number of decades been contested. 1.231 kata lagi

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