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Obamacare Repeal Bill Approaching Mitch McConnell’s Anus, Expected Tomorrow

A spokesperson for Mitch McConnell confirmed this afternoon that the Senate Majority Leader’s latest doctor appointment went well, and that the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill is making steady progress through McConnell’s large intestine. 193 kata lagi


Crowdfunding As Socialized Healthcare

Charity, ostensibly a central moral and social American institution, is alive and flourishing–online, on crowdfunding sites, as thousands and thousands of perfect strangers and sometimes acquaintances and friends and family, line up to donate to the latest plea for help. 518 kata lagi


Healthcare & Russian Oligarchs

I hate to repeat myself but Mikhail Fridman of the Russian Mafia (also owns ALFABANK) donated 3 Billion in US healthcare,he wants something.

— NotMyPresident (@MarcusC22973194) …

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Six members of Trump’s advisory council on HIV/AIDS have resigned

❝ The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS is a body responsible for providing recommendations and information to the president, as well as overseeing the nation’s strategy for combatting the illness.

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Health I-don't-Care

First insurance companies blamed Obamacare for all your woes. Now they blame Trump’s lack of support for Obamacare cost-sharing. Would the government (single-payer) be any better? 9 kata lagi

Editorial Cartoons

Three Strategies to Defend GOP Health Bill: Euphemisms, False Statements and Deleted Comments. By Charles Ornstein.

By Charles Ornstein, ProPublica

Earlier this month, a day after the House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act, Ashleigh Morley visited her congressman's Facebook page to voice her dismay. 2.077 kata lagi


Millions Of Ill People May Face ‘Extremely High Premiums’ Under House Bill, CBO Says

By Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News

The Republican overhaul of the federal health law passed by the House this month would result in slightly lower premiums and slightly fewer uninsured Americans than an earlier proposal. 843 kata lagi