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so Elizabeth just re-linked Sciatrix’s old 2011 carnival of aces…and it has some really good gems. mmm talking about Rent and touch.

noli me tangere especially speaks to me about paper maché things and touch sensitivity and frame-of-mind and dissociation and embodiment and selectively wanting touch overload zzzt and. 49 kata lagi


The Ace Tolkiens, 1965

Interesting take on Ace Paperbacks and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  1965.  Not sure what I think of the take on Treebeard.  And, notice the final comment (post-article) about anti-Catholicism.

ace tolkiens 1965


i mean, does it not say something about the model of “enthusiastic consent”

to try out the word, “sex-enthusiastic”

and see how utterly decontextualized and creepy that is?


Ace's Song

Someone wrote an original song, and put it to a music video…

Although I have to say, Ace may get mad when he calls her Dorothy, but  the first rule he told her was that he was NOT the professor, so she kind of does the same thing to him. 88 kata lagi

Doctor Who

Shit Talk'n, And Other Musings - Not On A Hump Day

The Phantom Shitter Is Real

(I’m literally going to talk about shit for the next few paragraphs, so feel free to skip ahead if you’re above that.) 798 kata lagi

Tour Talk