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Normalizing Difference: Redefining Asexuality

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The problem with asexuality, as I’ve discussed before, is that it is hard to talk about on its own terms — even in a grammatical sense. 879 kata lagi

DEVEPM on Oracle Magazine

Hi all!

Very quick post today! Rodrigo was interviewed by Oracle Magazine for the November/December issue. Check it out!

DEVEPM on Oracle Magazine



It's our Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe, but today marks the two-year anniversary of our Florissant Ace Hardware, Lumber & Supply store being open for business!

It’s been a great two years and we would like to thank you, our neighbors and our communities, for supporting us with this endeavor. 90 kata lagi


Angin yang bergerak sangat cepat

Diterjemahkan dari laporan berkala STCE (5-11 Oktober 2015).

Pada tanggal 4 Oktober, sebuah lubang korona (coronal hole/CH) trans-ekuatorial yang agak besar transit di meridian pusat Matahari. 216 kata lagi

Aktivitas Matahari

Not an Alien, Just Asexual

Not an Alien, Just Asexual:

An excerpt:

During my childhood, I didn’t pay much attention to crushes
or kissing. I was confused why some young girls in school and in TV…

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Stop using the Adverse Childhood Experiences Checklist to make claims about trauma causing physical and mental health problems

Scores on the adverse childhood experiences (ACE) checklist (or ACC) are widely used in making claims about the causal influence of childhood trauma on mental and physical health problems. 3.015 kata lagi