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Issue 70

First issue in a while, I know. I really like shooting episodes outdoors, after the force is not a morning person comic turned out so wonderfully.


uh. contradiction there

if you say “i support all aces! this is a safe ace space! ace means anyone asexual demi or grey!”

and then also say,

“aces don’t experience any sexual attraction” — uh, where did the demi and grey folks go suddenly? 162 kata lagi


Jeremy Scott and Longchamp teams up again

The ultimate  ‘pop culture’ designer, Jeremy Scott returns to Longchamp for the Spring 2016 collection with a new collaboration: the Remote Control bag.

Longchamp’s Remote Control Bag is Scott’s homage to the 60s by using stills from B movies and popular sci-fi movies as prints on the bags.  54 kata lagi


Kane, Belazs and Dragonfire (1987)

Doctor Who is often at its best when brilliant actors get to do their thing together on screen. In Dragonfire, there are two of the best: Edward Peel as Kane and Patricia Quinn as Belazs. 1.305 kata lagi

Galil ACE 32 pistol prices dropping

The Galil ACE 32 pistol was recently released into the wild, with the sort of reviews you’d expect in conjunction with a 6lb rifle-caliber pistol. I am going to guess sales have not been brisk, because I’m already seeing them… 394 kata lagi

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Breakfire's Glass

Breakfire’s Glass
by A.M. Valenza

Finally back in Zhakieva with her demon-siblings in tow, Darkrow Katerini’s desires only to spend the rest of Lonely Winter resting in the capital. 104 kata lagi