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I recently came across a profile online where man discussed how he was now divorcing his asexual wife. I was very curious about this because I don’t meet people who know or are asexuals every day. 245 kata lagi


Aced It

I’ve wanted to stay in an Ace Hotel for years… probably close to 6-7 years. All my favorite bloggers and instagrammers (yes, that’s a thing) have been and it seemed like such a… 471 kata lagi

ACE Plus Open Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers Medium, Moderate Support

INDICATIONS: ACE Brand plus knee brace / support. Medium provides optimal support while assuring proper fit & comfort. supports weakened muscles, tendons & ligaments. Helps reduce chance of injury recurrence.
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Defining an Ace

What’s an ace?

It is, perhaps, the most subjective baseball term thrown around these days. “He’s the ace of their staff.” Or, “That guy is a true ace.” There are a lot of ways to define it, and none of them actually bring much clarity because it can’t really be done objectively. 1.703 kata lagi


February Activities

It’s February and that means it’s time for winter activities in Cripple Creek and Victor! Bring your family for fun, movies, and food. You’ll have a great time! 398 kata lagi

The Fool 0.6

Sol was waiting for me, sitting alone in a corner. His head, hidden beneath his helmet, perked up when I approached. “My apologies for leaving you out in the cold,” he declared as I sat in front of him. 2.730 kata lagi


Review of 'Quantum Night' by Robert J Sawyer

Quantum Night is the latest in the ever-growing catalogue of science-fiction by Canadian author Robert J Sawyer, and turns his focus towards the nature of consciousness and agency through the lens of his protagonist Jim Marchuk. 881 kata lagi