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DNA vaccine may increase blood pressure by targeting angiotensin II long term

American Heart Association says that a DNA vaccine helped lower blood pressure for up to six months, reduced tissue damage to the heart and blood vessels associated with hypertension in rats, investigators report. 193 more words


Smashed it today :) 

Feeling ace this evening, had a really great day, healthy foods…chick pea salad -with Turkey, sweet corn, cucumber, tomato, rocket, watercress and spinach and A good walk at lunch time. 41 more words


Local aces: Doug Cowan, No. 8, Sutton Creek

Local ace: Doug Cowan, No. 8, Sutton Creek

Local ace: Fred Mitchell, No. 13, Pinemoor Golf Club

If you get a hole-in-one, send in your picture to sports@windsorstar.com. 118 more words



It’s coming!

I have many thoughts about this convention. It’s the closest I’m likely to get to Gallifrey One for the foreseeable future, so I hope it’s good. 668 more words

Doctor Who

On ace representation

Writing ace characters can be hard. I’ve been doing it more lately, and feel like it’s getting easier. But working someone’s aceness into a story that’s not about the person being ace, especially if it’s in a fantasy setting, can seem almost impossible to do naturally. 802 more words


I want stories about asexuality

I’ve seen people say they want stories with ace characters that aren’t about the person’s asexuality. But… I do want books/movies/TV shows with ace protagonists that focus on their asexuality, and all the posts saying they don’t want this make me a little sad. 162 more words


From Flickr: "Ace D 247b" by uk vintage

1957; Look out behind you by Ken Lewis. unknown Artist

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/tFhJVQ