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Compared Accu Cable Ac3Pdmx50 Fifty Foot 3 Pin True Dmx

Overweeg een ultra draagbare of dun en licht in plaats van een desktop vervangende laptop. Kleinere ACER laptop accu schermen verbruiken minder stroom. Going met een stevige drive die draait op 4200rpm verbruikt minder stroom dan een zware schijf van 5400rpm. 255 kata lagi

ACCU holds 11th Rome Seminar at the Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas

The senior staff of ACCU, The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, and the staff of The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas coordinated their 11th Rome seminar from 14 – 18 June. 629 kata lagi

C++: std::make_array (N4315)

I read in May 2015’s CVU that there’s a proposal for std::make_array, a utility method in the same family as std::make_tuple and std::make_pair.

This would be a useful shorthand: 39 kata lagi


My Experience with Acupuncture

I didn’t realize how bad my wrists really were until I started barre classes and yoga. Spin classes put less pressure on the joints, but in barre and yoga I found myself struggling to hold planks and other poses – and some of the moves just flat out unable to do. 734 kata lagi


Campus Witness in the Community

One highlight during my internship this year with the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities has been researching some inspiring examples of how colleges and universities are making a difference in their communities – specifically by partnering with community organizations that receive funding from… 595 kata lagi


Busy month...

It’s been quite a month for me. I’ll start with the ACCU conference in Bristol, April 21st to 25th.

The ACCU is the Association of C and C++ Users, an international body with largely European membership dedicated to professionalism in programming as well as the discussion of C++. 568 kata lagi

ERF: 8 week registration deadline for existing abatement projects

One of the key features of the Emissions Reduction Fund is that projects need to be “new” at the time of registration.

From July 1st, only “paper projects” (projects in concept phase up to and including a completed design but without a formal decision to go ahead) will be allowed to participate. 423 kata lagi