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Serving the Local Community: Catholic Colleges and Universities Partner with CCHD

Inspired by their mission, Catholic colleges and universities serve their local communities in many ways, including building partnerships to work for the common good. Since 2010, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) member institutions have partnered with community organizations funded by the… 1.100 kata lagi


ACCU concludes successful Rome Seminar on higher education

ROME — The 13th Rome Seminar for the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU), organized in partnership with The Lay Centre, began 28 May and came to a fruitful conclusion on 1st June. 445 kata lagi

Blogging again

Time to resume getting my blog on.

Partly, this should serve to remind me to keep my journal (private posts on this site) up-to-date.

And will let me do some longer-form writing without filling people’s email inboxes or producing  387 kata lagi

ACCU Meetup: A Visual Perspective on Machine Learning, Maksim Sipos

Maksim gave a very interesting presentation on Machine Learning, from his perspective as a physicist.

Machine Learning, AI and NLP are some of the most exciting emerging technologies.

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