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VMware Access Point Firewall Rule Generator

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When deploying Virtual Desktop/Application remote access solutions you often need to engage with ‘The Firewall Guy’. This can often be a difficult conversation involving lots of questions such as “what?”, “from where?”, “to where?” and “why?” 295 kata lagi

What is CACHATTO Access Point?

CACHATTO Access Point transmits your corporate data between CACHATTO SecureBrowser (application) and CACHATTO server. It does not store any corporate data, as the memory is temporarily cached and is immediately deleted after the data has been transferred. 298 kata lagi


Cisco WLAN Controller AP Modes - An Incomplete Guide

An Access Point, as defined by 802.11, can take a packet out of thin air and convert it to ethernet and has the ability to do all the stuff it needs to do to make it all happen.  593 kata lagi


Is it possible to use CACHATTO without the CACHATTO Access Point?

CACHATTO primarily functions with communication from the customer’s CACHATTO server inside the corporate network to the CACHATTO Access Point on the cloud.

This allows for two of CACHATTO’s main merits: 121 kata lagi

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Pyetje për rrjetet kompjuterike

Pyetje: Desha t’ju pyes per rrjetat kompjuterike. Nëse ka mundësi me ma dhanë një sqarim?
1. Një rrjet kompjuterik mund të lidhet me një tjetër (ose më tepër) për të krijuar një sistem të zgjeruar komunikimi. 297 kata lagi


Mikrotik Point to Point Configuration Setup Guide

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Your Standard Mikrotik Point to Point Configuration Guide,

If the screenshots are a bit small just use Control and Mousewheel at the same time to zoom. 47 kata lagi


Wireless N 5GHz DGND3700 v1

In the last days I am having some trouble running 5GHz 802.11n with this device and last version of OpenWRT. It turn out that b43 open source driver can’t work in N mode, so I switched to the proprietary WL broadcom driver. 34 kata lagi