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Turning Raspberry PI into WIFI AP (in bridge mode)

Turning raspberry PI into WIFI AP: SSG5 to SRX migration (part 2)

Due to the insecure of internet platform, I have decided to run a security appliance at home to replace my SSG firewall. 1.217 kata lagi


ISP Sharing for Low-Service Areas

When you’re a metropolitan professional you’re often, if not always, connected to the Web in some form or another. Heck, I get a full five bars LTE on the Verizon network when I’m sitting in the Metro station a few dozen feet underground! 370 kata lagi


No way in

It’s lovely to have the right to walk on mapped access-land under the Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000.  But, irritatingly, we have no guarantee of legally being able to enter some of that land except by parachute.  544 kata lagi


Reset Aruba AP105 to Factory Setting

To reset your Aruba AP105 to factory default:

  1. Connect the serial console breakout adapter cable to the AP’s Console port and your PC/Laptop
  2. Power on the AP and get into apboot mode.
  3. 70 kata lagi

How Connect an Access Point With a LAN Network

Local area networks (or LANs) are quite useful when the need to connect multiple computers to the Internet exists. They are also useful when users frequently need to access each other’s files or a printer, in which case networks can be set to allow file and/or printer sharing. 314 kata lagi