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News: Three New LNs Released (March 2015)

It’s a big day for light novels in English! The third volume of Accel World, the first volume of Sword Art Online: Progressive, and a… 491 more words


Episode 24 of Log Horizon Season 2

Alright, I just finished watching episode 24 of the second season of Log Horizon. I had intended to watch some Fairy Tail as well, but I ended up spending more time on Archeage than expected, so that didn’t happen. 571 more words


Latest Orders (March 2015, part 2)

Yen On novels by Reki Kawahara:

Accel World -The Twilight Marauder- 03
Sword Art Online: Progressive 001

Honey Blood Tale 0 SERIES END (Shojo Beat)

Manga Purchases

And the advance of the light novels continue

I actually just read about the licensing of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel by Yen Press.  I was mentally exclaiming ‘Good news!’ and ‘Whew!’ at the same time.  445 more words

Maria-sama Ga Miteru

Accel World Review

To continue on my march towards catching up on anime I made my way to the well-loved and much talked about Accel World.


Accel World is a story about a young middle school student named Haruyuki. 1.992 more words


Accel World - Episode 5 - Aviation

Haruyuki’s new power is interesting and it makes one wonder how it will effect the accelerated world as a whole.  As relationships factor large in this anime, it also makes one wonder how the various revelations in this episode will factor into the future relationships among the characters.


Accel World - Episode 4 - Declaration

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a definite theme going on with these episode names.  The show certainly didn’t waste any time explaining why Kuroyukihime seems to like Haruyuki and we get to find out more about Haruyuki’s friends.  22 more words