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Anime characters I'm most similar too

Well I’m nearing the half way mark. Which is pretty amazing xDD, two weeks have already flown by. Good luck to Matt – he’s nearing the finishing line on this mammoth challenge. 275 kata lagi


Accel World : Infinite Burst BD & DVD To Release on 28th September

Accel World : Infinite Burst is a sequel to the TV anime series. It starts off with a 40 minute recap of what happened on the TV Anime, with Sachiwa Misaka narrating the recap.  85 kata lagi


Behind the scene of Accel World Infinite Burst Cards~

Hi Guys to continue the Accel World I.B Booster Release, let us share with you the remaining cards that hasn’t made it’s appearance on Card of the Day Page. 64 kata lagi

Box Openings

Accel World Infinite Burst Carton Opening

Today we have Oz the wizard doing the Accel World Infinite Burst Carton opening

Are Ready to join us in the Accelerated World?

Here we go!! 138 kata lagi

Box Openings

Preview update and tournament report - Nagoya locals on August 21st

So since I’ve been fairly busy the past week and couldn’t keep up with the card previews each day, I’ll just end up making a whole set review for Accel World since I’ll be buying into it! 602 kata lagi

Weiss Schwarz

CubbySoundHole: Accel World [OP]

Hey up folks!. For this week pick, I picked an anime that it’s one of my faves. And it’s pretty underated. 172 kata lagi


Accel World Infinite Burst Previews August 12th

The previous day was a holiday so we missed out on one preview but here’s the preview for last Friday! This time we have more yellow cards, including the probable finisher for the meta deck. 122 kata lagi

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