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News: Light Novel Notes (October 2015)

We’re already about a week into October, so I had better put together the monthly news and links post! Let’s start with a quick overview of what has recently been released, and what we have to look forward to this month. 653 kata lagi


3-Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

I finally got round to completing this challenge. Thanks again to Kankitsu for nominating me.

The rules are simple:


New Anime, Film, Music and Game ! Sword Art Online Film and Accel World anime

At the new Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival, Reki Kawahara, creator of Sword Art Online and Accel World, will be writing a new story for the upcoming and returning series Accel World. 220 kata lagi


Accel World: Infinite Burst - Novo Trailer

Hoje já tinhamos anunciado que Accel World iria ter uma segunda temporada. (pode ver o artigo aqui) Entretanto o website oficial do anime lançou um novo trailer para essa sequela intitulada… 50 kata lagi


Novo anime de Accel World

Durante o evento Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2015 foi revelado que as light novels de Reki Kawahara estão a inspirar um novo anime entitulado Accel World: Infinite Burst… 54 kata lagi


Otaku-chan Part II

So, I convinced my anime club to watch an episode of Hell Girl. They watched the first episode of season 1 and I think they were intrigued. 265 kata lagi

In Real Life

Accel World: Sword Art Online's Underdog Cousin

TL;DR (Tiny List; Do Read)

  • It is Better than SAO.
  • It was the best kind of wish fulfillment.
  • It was the worst kind of wish fulfillment.
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