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Lapadula Enggan Pikirkan Kans Juara Milan

KLIKKIU.NET – Penyerang AC Milan, Gianluca Lapadula, mengatakan ia sama sekali tak mau memikirkan kans Rossoneri untuk bisa meraih Scudetto di musim ini.

Setelah mengalami penurunan prestasi dalam beberapa tahun belakangan ini, Milan kini nampak menunjukkan tanda-tanda kebangkitan. 254 kata lagi

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Milan Prioritaskan Transfer Badelj

KLIKKIU.NET – Gelandang Fiorentina, Milan Badelj, dikabarkan tetap jadi target utama perekrutan oleh pelatih AC Milan pada Januari mendatang.

Milan sejatinya mencoba merekrut Badelj musim panas kemarin. 121 kata lagi

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The Best Starting Eleven - Part 2: Midfield

In the second part of our three part series analyzing the best starting eleven, we focus on the midfield positions. As a reminder, for the purpose of this project the assumption is that every player is healthy and the formation played is Vincenzo Montella’s current 4-3-3. 485 kata lagi

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Milan's Best Starting Eleven

There has been much discussion around Gianluca Lapadula starting for Milan, a decision that was made easier by Bacca’s injury. This makes one consider what Milan’s best starting eleven would be assuming everyone is healthy. 1.329 kata lagi

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European Glory: Steven Gerrard's Retirement (Part 4)

The comeback to end all comebacks and Steven Gerrard, Captain Fantastic, was at the centre of it all!

No-one in football will ever forget that night in Istanbul. 467 kata lagi

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC ~The Self-proclaimed God in a Mortal’s Game

Born on the 3rd of October 1981 in Malmo, Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic surpassed the difficulties life threw at him at an early age as he was born to a Bosnian father and a Croatian mother, whom migrated to Sweden and divorced at his tender age of 2. 658 kata lagi


Should Fans Panic if the Sale Doesn’t Go Through?

The sale of our beloved team has caused panic and angst to some fans for multiple reasons. Most are worried the sale will collapse prolonging the Berlusconi era while the rest should not be given any credence due to their ludicrous opinions that Berlusconi is the right person to bring this team forward. 417 kata lagi

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