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[Fotos] Cuerpazo de Mujer Nicaraguense

El ejerciso es muy Importante y mas cuando se trata de Mejorar la Salud. Esta Joven de Nombre Dolly Castro de Nicaragua es un Gran Ejemplo para la Comunidad Latina. 282 kata lagi


Accordion crunches with resistance bands

This exercise targets your abs and hip flexors.

Fasten an ankle strap around the bottom of each foot (with the ring on the bottom of your foot), and lie on your back. 84 kata lagi


Stability Ball Sit Ups

This exercise uses your bodyweight and your balance to work on your core muscles.

Lie on the stability ball with your lower back curvature pressed against the ball. 77 kata lagi



Both of these dragonflies are widow skimmers. The lower one on the left is an immature male. The other one with the blue abdomen is a mature male. 17 kata lagi


Stability ball hip crossover

The stability ball hip crossover increases rotational strength of the midsection. The exercise targets the core, hips, and lower back while also improving balance and stability. 49 kata lagi


Lying oblique crunch

An excellent exercise for your obliques. Ideal for beginners who want to feel their abs burning with no equipment.

Lie on the floor on your side, with one foot stacked on top of the other. 80 kata lagi