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Spiders Molting Exoskeletons

Like other arthropods, spiders have a protective hard exoskeleton that is flexible enough for movement, but can’t expand like human skin. Thus, they have to shed, or molt, this exoskeleton periodically throughout their lives as they grow, and replace it with a new, larger exoskeleton. 246 kata lagi


A Seedy Tale!

In the last few weeks, several animals have come to us with grass seeds stuck in various parts of their body.

The most common places for grass seeds to lodge are in the… 356 kata lagi

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The Spider's Body

As i mentioned before, there are quite a lot of spiders in my garden. This one is the biggest at the moment with it’s body being roughly 2cm in length. 51 kata lagi


The Renegade Row

Welcome to Kettlebell Movement!

I hope you are all having a great week and finding time to move around. I am so fortunate enough to live in a nice area that gets plenty of sunshine. 298 kata lagi


Poucos dias, grandes sensações!

Estou apenas no meu 5° dia de projeto pra mudar minha vida e ser mais feliz e já me sinto bemmmmm melhor!

Realmente eu precisava de um detox na minha dieta. 221 kata lagi


Your Rectum is a Temple of Lust

A young man, slightly insecure about his sexual identity/ preference, asked this question on a forum, so I’m just throwing my thoughts on the subject out there. 319 kata lagi