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Farmers are reminded to check their livestock for signs of bloat.

With the expected flush of spring growth predicted this spring, farmers are reminded to check their livestock for signs of bloat.

Bloat occurs in cattle following rapid consumption of lush, fast growing, immature, legume-dominant pastures such as clover or lucerne. 224 kata lagi



Boa tarde lindass!!! Hoje vou mostrar pra vocês um pouquinho do meu treino de braço e abdômen…

Eu costumava treinar membros superiores separadamente, cada dia um músculo, acabei chegando numa definição bem legal nos braços, mas como fiquei um bom tempo sem treinar perdi tudo :( 281 kata lagi


Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: Is There A Cure?

Quick, what disease affects 25% of the world’s women? Chronic pelvic pain. What’s the cause? We don’t know. But we have a treatment.

Surgeons have decided that chronic pelvic pain is caused by varicose veins in the pelvis. 415 kata lagi


What are the Treatment Options for Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is one of the most common conditions requiring surgery today.  It is said that one out of 15 people in the world have suffered from appendicitis at some point in their lives.  598 kata lagi

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How Do Honey Bees Curl Their Abdomens?

By Erin Weeks

Watch a honey bee wiggle its abdomen on a flower or do the waggle dance in a hive, and you’ll have some idea of the variety of ways in which bees use their hind ends. 516 kata lagi

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Can Appendicitis Affect the Large Intestine?

The appendix is not a very popular subject in our homes as far as health is concerned.  Even among doctors and medical professionals little is known about the appendix.   546 kata lagi