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Fernanda Castillo Presume Su Escultural Abdomen

Se nota que la actriz de “El Señor de los Cielos” y “El Chema” pasa mucho tiempo en el gimnasio.

Fernanda Castillo compartio unas fotos con sus seguidores en Instagram donde muestra su escultural figura con el motivo de motivar a sus fans. 65 kata lagi


Core Stability is Sexy - Part Deux

Let’s talk about your Transverse Abdominis. This is the muscle that helps you breathe and stabilizes your pelvis and your lower back.

Many people’s TA’s are weak and not firing – Why? 129 kata lagi

Straight, No Chaser: Hernias Are Why Your Doctor Asks You to Turn Your Head and Cough!

Hernias are an uncomfortable topic (no pun intended, for many reasons). Hernias are yet another example of body parts not being in their proper place. They are caused by weak muscles or tissue allowing other tissue to push through in the face of pressure.   454 kata lagi

Sterling Medical Advice

Straight, No Chaser: Appendicitis – When a Little Something Causes a Lot...

There’s not much that causes as much legitimate angst in parents as a child with appendicitis. In case you don’t know what the fuss is all about, the appendix is a 3 1/2 inch pouch on the edge of the large intestine near the right lower part of your abdomen. 504 kata lagi

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