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Monday 26.09.2016

Bike 8 km

Koordination 3 sets
Bench Press 5 sets
Row 4 sets
Lat Pull Down 4 sets
Core 4 sets

Bike 8 km

When I re-started my Kettlebell Training two weeks ago I learned painfully the next day that it was too early. 14 kata lagi



Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

During my Junior and Senior years in college I started having these weird pains on the upper central region of my abdomen, that is located between my chest and stomach. 1.445 kata lagi



This ballooning abnormality seen commonly within the posterior aspect of bladder. This is a result of an obstruction of a normal positioned ureteral orifice. The “ballooning of the submucosal segment of the anterior wall of the ureter into the bladder lumen”(via: fetalultrasound.com) This dilation in the area of ureter orifice is in result to a distal obstruction. 61 kata lagi


Top 8 Home Remedies To Lower Abdomen

Belly fat is what we get as a result of a lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Belly fat has always been of great concern to many people. 36 kata lagi

Standing Rotation

Stand sideways to a cable or resistance band with your feet hip-width apart and hold the cable/band handle. Engage your abs to brace your torso. Keeping your torso vertical to the floor, pull your shoulder blades down your back without arching your lower back. 96 kata lagi

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Alone was i in my room,my eyelids were about to shield their balls as i patiently waited for sleep to get me wrapped in it’s comforting embrace. 723 kata lagi


Lying Oblique Crunch with Resistance Bands

This is an effective exercise for our obliques and hip flexors.

Anchor the band at the bottom of the door. Attach each end of the band to an ankle strap. 118 kata lagi

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