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A Possible Diagnosis

I want to provide an update on the status of my abdominal pain, because I feel I glossed over that update a bit in my Mayo Clinic post. 484 kata lagi

Chronic Pain

Progress through Appointments

After leaving yet another appointment with more questions than answers, one could say that it’s getting old. Due to the massive amount of pain I’m in, and the lack of improvement from my last procedure, my pain management doctor feels quite certain that my abdominal pain is not coming from the abdominal wall. 187 kata lagi

Chronic Pain

Journey to the Mayo Clinic

A few months ago, I came across the Mayo Clinic in my research. The Mayo Clinic, in case you don’t know, is a nonprofit medical research group. 528 kata lagi

Chronic Pain

Anti Cellulite Body Balm

ANTICELLULITE BODY BALM shapes your body and strengthens the tissues. If regularly used, it gradually reduces the effect of ‘orange peel’ and visibly shapes thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen areas. 62 kata lagi

Skin Care

What is an Insect?

I originally started off writing an article on flight muscles and how exactly an insect stays airborne given the whole “bees break the laws of physics” thing I’ve heard from a few different sources lately, but I don’t want to get too heady too quickly. 745 kata lagi