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Abdominal Pains: Back to Valdoxan

Last week I had my sixth debilitating abdominal pain attack (since June 2015) which lasted 17 hours and ended with IV painkillers in a hospital at 5 AM. 759 kata lagi

Medical Reporting

Friday 13.01.2017

Indoor Bike 10 min

LC 2 x 20 kg 2 min @ 14 rpm, 3 sets
OAJ 24 kg 3 min @ 20 rpm (30 R / 30 L) 14 kata lagi


Wednesday 11.01.2017

Indoor Bike 10 min
Joint Mobility 10 min
LC 2 x 20 kg 1:30 min @ 14 rpm, 4 sets
21,21,21,21 (max HR 175)
OAJ 24 kg 3 min @ 20 rpm (30 R / 30 L) 16 kata lagi

Joint Mobility

Monday 09.01.2017

LC 2 x 20 kg 1 min work/1 min rest, 6 sets
14,14,14,14,14,14 (max HR 178)
OAJ 24 kg 3 min 30R/30L (max HR 172) 16 kata lagi


Abdominais todo dia pode ou não?

Abdominais Todos os Dias… Eis a questão!

Abdominais Todos os Dias… Pode ou não pode??? Sim, não… Depende… Antes de afirmar algo, vamos pensar?! Respeitando a homeostase que é o “estado de equilíbrio instável mantido entre os sistemas constitutivos do organismo vivo e o existente entre este e o meio ambiente” (TUBINO, 1980), ou simplesmente estado de equilíbrio do organismo…. 707 kata lagi

Hipertrofia Muscular

Differentiation of Acute Appendicitis in the Field

Abdominal pain is common complaint that can arise from many different etiologies. Here’s some tips to help you differentiate appendicitis from other problems in the field. 549 kata lagi


An emerging area of medical science we've only known about for a century or so

Professor Coffey

❝ A University of Limerick, Ireland, professor has identified an emerging area of science having reclassified part of the digestive system as an organ.

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