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Di bawah kolong langit ini tidak ada yang abadi. Semua pasti mengalami perubahan. Yang biasanya terlihat buruk, hari ini bisa terlihat baik. Yang biasanya terlihat baik, hari ini bisa saja tampak begitu buruk. 216 kata lagi


Iraq says it will stay clear of US-Iran tensions

By Reuters – Feb 11,2017 – JORDAN TIMES

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is seen on a screen as he speaks via a videoconference during a ministerial summit to hold discussion on the future of Mosul city, post-Daesh terror group, in Paris on October 20, 2016 (Reuters photo) 147 kata lagi

The Muslim Times

Puisi oh puisi

Puisi , puisi , puisi
Puisi begitu abadi
Didalamnya terpatri banyak janji

Dari janji suci sepasang muda-mudi
Hingga janji politikus untuk negeri
Muda mudi berjanji sehidup semati… 55 kata lagi


This My Future

For everyone, now I can reach my future.
Thank you, for your judgement and your support.
This is my passion.
And this is my future, and my dream come true… 11 kata lagi


Iraqi PM Abadi Criticizes Saudi Arabia, Qatar for Funding Terrorism

New comments from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq implicate Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the spread of terrorism in Iraq. Foreign fighters from 100+ nations infiltrated Iraq through Turkey and Syria as a result of the Gulf funding extremists. 92 kata lagi


There is One Reason and Only One for the Delay of the Liberation of Mosul

This was just received by me from one of the flag officers, a USAF major general, who signed with the original 88 supporting Trump, and has requested that this make wide distribution. 490 kata lagi

2016 Presidential Elections

Iraqi army advances as burning sulfur sends hundreds to hospital

The Iraqi army has said it has captured the town of Hamdaniyah, near Mosul, as the offensive to drive out the “Islamic State” continues. Fumes from a nearby sulfur plant set ablaze in the fight have claimed casualties. 672 kata lagi

United States