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Dion Abadi - Deskercises You Can Do at the Office

Dion Abadi maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and exercising regularly at the gym. Exercising every day is important if you want to stay fit, but for some people finding the time to exercise at the gym is not easy because of their busy work schedule. 227 kata lagi


Dion Abadi - A brief History of Auctions

Dion Abadi has been an auctioneer for over twenty years. He started out as an apprentice auctioneer right after he graduated with his BBA from Georgia State University. 294 kata lagi


Bekerja Untuk Keabadian

Pada dasarnya setiap manusia mempunyai pemikiran. Namun tidak setiap orang mampu untuk menyampaikan apa yang ada di fikirannya. Orang yang menyampaikan fikirannya pun tidak selalu lantas memilih jalan yang sama. 326 kata lagi


Dion Abadi - What You Need to Know Before You Buy at an Auction

According to Dion Abadi, auctions are great places for aspiring art collectors to pick up unique pieces of art. Auctions are open to the public and it is a great way to buy exquisite artwork. 270 kata lagi


Selalu Rindu

Kuingin ungkapkan sungkawa.
Atas perubahan laku diri manusia. Termasuk aku.
Yang terperangkap tak berdaya.
Segala hal merasuk begitu saja oh betapa mulusnya.

Ketika taklagi kudengar, tawa dan canda nyata dari kalian. 175 kata lagi

Iraqi government appeals for a reprieve from all demonstrations -- Asks protesters to stay home "to spare the country falling into chaos"


© AFP/File | The Iraqi government appealed for a reprieve in demonstrations in the country, saying in a statement that protesters should stay home “to spare the country falling into chaos and the increase of challenges and the distraction of the security effort” 342 kata lagi

The untold story of the deaths at Hajj

Iranian diplomat Ghadanfar Rokonabadi disappeared after being caught up in the mass panic on last year’s Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca

He was smart, occasionally humorous and detailed in his replies to my questions.  996 kata lagi