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Abadi: We need the political authority to carry out reform in Iraq.

Written by Shirin Dawud, 14 August 2015.

Rudaw – Erbil.

Today, Thursday, at the Iraqi Youth Forum, Prime Minister Hayder Al-Abdi confirmed that the powers to follow through on reforms need to be present in Iraq. 238 kata lagi


Iraq's Demonstrations: The Correct Remedy Conjured for Disenfranchised Citizens

By Hamzeh Hadad (@HamzehKarkhi)

Since the fall of the Ba’athist regime in 2003, the answer to alleged Sunni disenfranchisement and Kurdish secessionist tendencies has been to have an inclusive government in Baghdad to try and please all factions. 882 kata lagi

Iraq Positioned to Defeat ISIS under Post-Maliki Politics and Reform

Since ISIS declared the establishment of its caliphate just over a year ago on June 29, 2014, it has seen its territory grow and shrink. According to one estimate, ISIS has… 1.373 kata lagi



Perempuan itu menyentuh bibirnya, hidungnya, pipinya, lalu pelipisnya. Dalam cermin dia melihat guratan-guratan di sekitar mata. Ia tak menyenangi guratannya yang menunjukkan bahwa dia adalah wanita dengan usia berkepala empat. 828 kata lagi


Salim al-Jabouri Must Represent All Iraqis in Washington

By Hassan Hadad (@Abufellah)

Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jabouri is visiting Washington, D.C. this week accompanied by a delegation from Baghdad, having received an invitation from Vice President Joe Biden. 945 kata lagi

In Abadi meeting, Obama says confident will defeat Islamic State


U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during the Group of Seven (G7) Summit in the Bavarian town of Kruen, Germany June 8, 2015. 119 kata lagi

Fall of Ramadi Breaks U.S. Assumptions

By Hassan Hadad (@Abufellah)

In June last year, Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province and Iraq’s largest Sunni city, fell to ISIS militants. The widespread belief in the United States and the west was that the Prime Minister at the time, Nouri al-Maliki, had spent eight years marginalizing Iraq’s Sunni minority, resulting in the Mosul disaster. 881 kata lagi