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Math Monday: RightStart curriculum

We went to our state’s homeschooling convention recently. After surveying the math scene, we ended up buying a beginning math set from the RightStart curriculum… 859 kata lagi


Is Comparing Kumon, Vedic Math & Abacus is Right ?

Nowadays, computers are going to be there to do calculations. What we need is thinking minds which can formulate a real world problem into a mathematical problem and solve them. 393 kata lagi


Pack It In

This time two weeks ago I was frantically trying to pack for five people and a dog to go to Norfolk for a week.  As any of you who have undertaken this task (and it seems that at the moment we are a nation of people undertaking this task), this is not something you come to on the day of departure hoping to chuck a pair of knickers and a toothbrush into a bag and be on your merry way.  990 kata lagi

Chefs Of DFW Restaurant Week: Chef Christopher Patrick Of Abacus

On an typical night at Abacus, a perennial name on the most renowned “Top 10” and “Most Popular” restaurant lists in DFW, it’s the food and wine that’s celebrated. 25 kata lagi


'Provocation' by Charlotte Grimshaw

Fiction – paperback; Abacus; 288 pages; 2000.

Charlotte Grimshaw is an award-winning writer from New Zealand with eight novels to her name. After reading her 2013 novel, … 610 kata lagi


Abacus - European Stories (2016)

4 out of 5 Stars!

Germany’s Abacus originally formed back in the early ’70s and released a handful of albums before disappearing, only to resurface nearly thirty years later to issue another few albums, with European Stories being the most recent. 251 kata lagi

Album Reviews

​Comparison of Abacus &Vedic Maths

Mathematics plays a very important role for human evolution. We can see math in every sphere of life. Mathematical knowledge is must for everyone to survive. 267 kata lagi