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Bead counters for Bean counters

Did you, or your children, or maybe your grandchildren have one of these?

My own grandsons have one – it is,of course, a child’s abacus. Coloured ‘beads’ on horizontal rods within a frame. 864 kata lagi

Cerita Ngajar Sempoa : Ini Namanya Guru Tidak Bertanggung Jawab

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya di-wa oleh Miss X seorang pemilik lembaga kursus di sekitar Kebon Jeruk. Dulu, beberapa tahun yang lalu saya pernah ngajar freelance sekitar 3 bulan di sana. 948 kata lagi

Catatan Kecil 쓰는 글


“Write four pages per day to finish four novels per year and get to twenty books in five years.” (Dean Wesley Smith)

It’s important to forget your audience when you write and just concentrate on putting one word after another. 230 kata lagi

Writing Tips

Great wine and food events in Texas coming up

Get ready to sample and savor

Whether you say “sante” or “cheers”; “Bon appetit” or “enjoy the food”, food and wine celebrations abound in Texas this weekend and next. 103 kata lagi


Alias Kid Headline Tour // Cafe INDIEpendent

On April 22nd at Cafe Indie on Scunthorpe High street a great up-and-coming rock’n’roll unit out of Manchester as signed by Alan McGee (Oasis) for their debut album, will be loud and live. 151 kata lagi


Goya in the Wilderness: A Review of Louis Armand’s Abacus

Review by Jim Chaffee

Jim Chaffee is a Vietnam veteran living in Mexico. He is a mathematician by trade but has remained committed to literature throughout his life. 2.244 kata lagi

25 Bread Clip Reuses

Although we most often bake our own or purchase locally baked plastic-free bread from our local baker, there is the occasional store-bought bread that comes in a plastic bag (recyclable at most grocery stores, if clean) with a hard plastic clip to keep it shut. 585 kata lagi

Zero Waste