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Nigeria-Malaysia proposed Mathematical tools aid to foster academic learning

Education is the bedrock to child’s development. The education of child plays major roles in the child’s right advocacy globally.

The Malaysian High Commissioner, Mr Datum Lim made disclosure at the introduction of Social Intellectual Progressive (SIP) Abacus, a programme that would help strengthen the bridge in mathematical learning in Nigeria. 614 kata lagi


Album Review: Martyn Crocker - Favouritism

Favouritism” is the full band debut album by Martyn Crocker, a Plymouth-based musician playing semi-acoustic rock with a smattering of pop-punk flavours in the vein of groups like This Wild Life. 390 kata lagi


The Sinclair QL - is it Maturing?

In the wake of Clive Sinclair’s financial trouble John Dawson reassesses potentially his biggest money-spinner – the QL

The launch of the Spectrum’s successor, the 16 bit QL with its 68008 central processor unit, exceeded anything that had gone before in terms of advance publicity. 2.205 kata lagi


Shopping in Soroca

I know I am always curious about the day-to-day differences in the everyday life of those in different countries, so I thought I would share some of my life with you. 21 kata lagi


How Far We Have Come

The abacus was the way my Dad learned how to multiply. This colorful version of that ancient tool is being sold as a decorative item in a furniture store. 550 kata lagi

A Year Of Inspiration

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

Thomas Sung owns and operates Abacus Federal Savings Bank in New York’s Chinatown. The bank, with his daughters Jill (President & CEO) and Vera (Director), serves a clientele composed primarily of local small-business owners of Chinese descent, many first-generation Americans or direct immigrants. 373 kata lagi


How Not To Design a Book Trilogy

I work in a bookstore and buy the books for the Military History section there.  I recently reordered Rick Atkinson’s entire World War II Liberation Trilogy from its UK publisher, and this is what they sent me: 275 kata lagi