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One of the strongest of the hard fibers, commercially
known as Manila hemp. Abaca is obtained from the
leafstalks of a member of the banana family, Musa… 150 kata lagi


​Does Abacus Math develops students personality??

It is a question in every parents mind that does Abacus Math develops students personality or not ?? Abacus Math for personality development ? Appropriate question , as parents have the right to know whether Abacus learning is best for their kids or not? 337 kata lagi

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Since centuries, Abacus has been known as the ancient calculating device. While the tool is no longer into existence, Abacus is still used by some countries. 525 kata lagi

Abacus Training Institute

Discovery of Abacus Maths

Abacus Math is not a new concept. Recent discoveries shows that the earliest form of Abacus was found in Salamis Islands. They are considered to be the ancestors of abacus. 196 kata lagi

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An Introduction to Computer

The word computer is derived from Latin word “Computare” which means to calculate. Computer, in initial stage of its development was used for performing simple mathematical calculations such as counting numbers, doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and so on. 534 kata lagi


​Abacus Math & Vedic Maths Mental Calculation

Abacus Math & Vedic Math are included in the scientifically approved methods.We can improve the mental calculation ability of kids by giving them facility to learn abacus or vedic math. 271 kata lagi

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​Right Age of Learning Abacus & Mental Training.

Mental ability of every kid is different and it can be measured by their actions. Closed family members are the one who can perfectly analyze the kids grasping power. 258 kata lagi

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