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How Penkraft Works For Women Empowerment

In today’s age where lucrative side hustle is gaining an increasing popularity, it is astounding to note that an increasing number of women—besides men—are opting for their own businesses in order to create a mark for themselves. 191 kata lagi

A(nother) Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Last week I was heading into London and found myself on a train with no book – EEK! So, I ran into WHSmith in the station and looked for something I hadn’t read yet. 437 kata lagi


How the Fear of Math Prevented Me from Teaching High School English

When I was hired at McLane High School, back at the end of 2017, administration placed me in a SPED math classroom, even though I came to them with a B.A. 1.135 kata lagi


Before the Abacus

i keep trying to count
the ways i love you
but i don’t have
an infinite number
of fingers and toes

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018

Abacus Classes in Chennai- Brain Carve

Shape your child’s future with abacus classes in Chennai. Learning abacus not only gives the effective mathematical skills but also enhance better problem solving abilities. 185 kata lagi

Abacus Classes In Chennai

Going Mental with Math, and Attempting the Abacus

Read Time: 5 minutes

Are you good with mental calculations? I certainly wasn’t. I always had issues with even the most basic problems. My confidence really took a hit because it would take me ages to answer a simple math question, like how much change someone needed, or how we’d split a bill. 1.170 kata lagi