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Day 353

Dad’s told me several times that you look so much cuter with pants… but that’s not how we roll around the house.  For whatever reason, you love to curl your toes… you must get that from dad.  65 kata lagi


Oh Lord

Would that those tightened ears

but for a second would open

and finally listen!

That they might understand

those grains of dust

running fingers through… 207 kata lagi


El optimista que hay en ti en Tarragona

Os espero en Abacus de Tarragona el próximo día 15 a las 7. Charlaremos de optimismo, de coaching y de muchas cosas más. Una gran oportunidad para disfrutar de la vida… de toda ella, J.


HRS takes mantel as largest global hotel provider in GDS

Hotel solutions provider HRS has reached a new milestone, with the announcement that more than five million rooms can now be booked in all global distribution systems. 305 kata lagi

Online Travel Agency

In a Classical order, abacus is the flat, sometimes moulded, section between the top of the capital and bottom of the architrave.


Before the Abacus

Before the Abacus
by FT Ledrew

i keep trying to count
the ways i love you
but i don’t have
an infinite number
of fingers and toes