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Avenged Sevenfold Crew Member Dies

A crew member of Avenged Sevenfold has died in Stuttgart, Germany after he fell from the rafters while braking the stage apart.

Here’s a statement from the band’s website… 153 kata lagi


"Are you mad?" (Shadows Creed - Twenty-Six)

“Oh, Hell no…  What the hell are you saying, Bri?” Valary glowered at her husband’s best friend who had showed up at the Council offices.  He was sporting a weary expression and had brought some disturbing news. 2.065 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Put down like a dog (Shadows Creed - Twenty-Five)

Monday morning; Valary woke to the sounds of metal clinking against metal, leather sliding against leather.  Matthew was getting dressed his attempts at keeping quiet not working as well as he’d hoped. 1.748 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

The right moments are never what they seem (Shadows Creed - Twenty-Four)

“Right…so, I haven’t ever done this before, but…uh…here goes.  You might not know me.  So, uh…in case that’s how it is, I’m Matthew Sanders.  TaskerOne of The Creed.  2.185 kata lagi

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"Don't shut us out." (Shadows Creed - Twenty-Three)

“You owe me for that shirt, Rev.”


Zacky grabbed his shirt and threw it at the lanky male.  “You got beer all over it.” 3.858 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Shot in the dark (Shadows Creed - Twenty-Two)

The sound of a door slamming caught Val off guard as she arrived home from work.  She dumped her bag in the front hall and hurried toward the sound, only to be stopped by a warm hand grabbing her arm.  2.824 kata lagi

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Album Review - "The Stage"

Hi All,

Just a quick announcement: pop on over to ContactMusic.com for my review of Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “The Stage”: