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Change the mood (Shadows Creed - Fifteen)

Sweat trickled from Matthew’s hairline; he grunted, setting the weight on its stand, blowing hard.  His muscles ached, his arms, his back, all over.  He’d worked his body hard, practically punishing himself.  2.755 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Writing Challange #6

What kind of tattoo do you have and what’s the meaning?

If I did have a tatto I would have an orange ribbon that will connect like an infinity sign. 80 kata lagi


Elementary my friend (Shadows Creed - Fourteen)

“Thanks for the ride, buddy.  You gonna come up?”

“Yeah, might as well.”

Jimmy had finally decided to head home.  Brian had offered to drive him and the older man hadn’t turned it down.  2.772 kata lagi

Fan Fiction


In a release strategy that only the world’s biggest artists could pull off, Avenged Sevenfold has proven once again why they are at the top of their game – the successful surprise-release of their new album “The Stage” has placed them squarely in the Australian Album Charts at #4 in their first week. 447 kata lagi


Of campaigns and histories (Shadows Creed - Thirteen)

“Valary, I think we need to add some more passion to the campaign.”

Elliott and Val were sitting in her small office, pouring over the pages of notes she had written up for the election run.  2.676 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Frank (Shadows Creed - Twelve)

Johnny sat in the back of the SUV, silent as ever, but he had a death grip on the wrapped object that lay across his lap. 2.494 kata lagi

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Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage

When I say that The Stage is the musical equivalent of a Michael Bay movie, I don’t mean that it’s “dumb fun, but still fun.” If I wanted to communicate that, I’d say it was the equivalent of a Roland Emmerich movie, and I think the difference between Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich should always be made clear just so that we never forget that making dumb stuff fun does actually take skill. 704 kata lagi