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Mr. Bungle & coffee

Aw, man! Does that feel good!

I love them very much. Fact.

I hadn’t listen to them in a little while up until earlier this year. 320 kata lagi

Mr and Mrs Sanders (Shadows Creed - Five)

An alarm was going off somewhere, the aroma of freshly cooked bacon and eggs drifted through an open doorway.  Matt groaned, reluctantly dragging his mind from its deep sleep.  2.491 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Got to prove them wrong (Shadows Creed - Four)

Valary sighed as she stepped outside of the council chambers.  It had been a long day.  Lifting a hand to her head, she checked that her hair was up at the back.  2.600 kata lagi


The Creed (Shadows Creed - Three)

“He fucked up the undercarriage.  I can’t do shit with it, and Matt doesn’t help, just standing there.”

Zachary had finally arrived and was sitting in front of the television, with Matthew and Brian, recounting his day’s work.  2.447 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Just Jimmy (Shadows Creed - Two)

Brian looked out the front window as a familiar growl echoed up the driveway.  He was at the kitchen sink, filling up several empties with his homemade brew.  1.806 kata lagi

Fan Fiction

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Yesterday saw me get two brand new vinyls, both of which are on some kind of nice coloured disc. The first was Shinedown’s Threat To Survival… 340 kata lagi


Welcome to the Family (Shadows Creed - One)

“How many times has it been, Seward?”

“Too fucking many.”

“Yeah. Y’know, by rights you shoulda been shot years ago.” 1.709 kata lagi

Fan Fiction