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The Astor (Shadows Creed - Forty)

Johnny stood frozen in the middle of the living room, eyes wide as the door was flung open and his parents were forced to stand against the wall. 1.758 kata lagi

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"Wow, I sound like a sap." (The Aviators - Thirteen)

“Jason Denmore, he’s a wicked guitar tech, Walter put me onto him.”

Michelle and I walk into the house in time to hear Brian raving about some new guy he met in Los Angeles. 2.116 kata lagi

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The Forest (Shadows Creed - Thirty-Nine)

Light flickered in a small lamp that was placed in the centre of the dining table.  Matthew sat at the table, opposite his wife, a small hand of cards splayed out in front of him. 2.136 kata lagi

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"Val, it's important you talk to me right now." (The Aviators - Eleven)

Matt’s like a log when he sleeps, he doesn’t move much and if you push him he just rolls right back into place. Not that I’m in any position to push him. 2.519 kata lagi

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"Say my name." (The Aviators - Ten)


I turn my face slowly to meet Matt’s questioning gaze. We lay side by side on the rumpled bed covers, Matt to my left. He lazily runs his left palm over my stomach, fingertips lightly teasing my still sensitive flesh. 1.566 kata lagi

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Breathing space (Shadows Creed - Thirty-Eight)

Val tucked the phone beneath her ear as she scribbled down some notes.  “Alright…so, the Mayor wishes to come speak to you at noon tomorrow, if that’s okay with you?  1.505 kata lagi

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