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"Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See"

What immediately struck me about Inge’s philosophy was that all typography is centered around motion. It adds another layer of complexity to the art of typographic design and deepens the intention that is required when choosing a font to use for a project. 99 kata lagi


Design for Communication

What are good ways of brainstorming?

There are many good ways of brainstorming. Among these are association lists, thought mapping, thumbnail sketching, and developing layouts. All of these strategies involve getting as many ideas as possible out there before filtering and iterating those ideas to work towards a final product. 367 kata lagi





2You’re early doctor, as usual. Come in.

1You know you are the only person who would say that?

2What? Doctor? Or come in? 1.900 kata lagi

Defining OMB A21 functionality : A02 Organized Research vs. A03 Other Sponsored Activities

  1. Organized research (A02) means all research and development activities of an institution that are separately budgeted and accounted for. It includes:(1) Sponsored research means all research and development activities that are sponsored by Federal and non Federal agencies and organizations.
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UNIT01 - A02

Describe the structure of media products.

There is no set structure to music videos as they are so varied in style and content. That said the structure that is established is usually led by the music. 399 kata lagi