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Random Post #53 - My Family Guesses Kpop Stars' Ages

For quite some time now I’ve been curious about if, and in that case in what way, the image and concept of a kpop group affects how old they’re perceived to be. 2.339 kata lagi

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TREE OF LIFE (Chapter 2)


Author : Alicia Diana Teresa
Main Cast : Oh Sehun, Kwon Nami (OC)
Genre : Fan fiction, AU, romance
Rate : PG15… 3.297 kata lagi


A Pink Rilis Foto Teaser Individu untuk Album Terbarunya “Pink Memory”

A Pink merilis foto teaser dari masingmasing member untuk comeback mereka “Pink Memory” di musim panas kali ini.

Yang menarik perhatian, tampaknya kali ini mereka menghilangkan… 43 kata lagi


A Pink Dumps A Ton Of Teaser Images For July Comeback

A Pink is making a comeback on July 16th, and, instead of slowly leaking one photo of each member at separate times to annoyingly and futilely try to maximize hype, the group decided to release a group shot as well as each individual teaser all at once. 229 kata lagi

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A Pink Rilis Foto Teaser untuk “Pink Memory”

A Pink telah mengumumkan tanggal resmi untuk comeback mereka !

Pada tanggal 29 juni, A Pink merilis foto teaser untuk album “Pink Memory” yang akan dirilis pada tanggal 16 Juli mendatang. 87 kata lagi

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