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ID ADV - 5 S Training

ID ADV – 5 S Training

Pofessional Course Outline on 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketshu, Shitsuke)

Pelatihan ini mengupas mengenai suatu program untuk mengimplementasikan lingkungan kerja organisasi dan standarisasi. 163 more words

SuperSonicSelfie.com - COMING SOON

Very shortly SuperSonicSelfie.com will be live and this is where you can post a selfie from your phone, tablet or desktop and have it uploaded and printed on vinyl wrap on… 81 more words


BTO @ Yishun Street 31

A cute couple, Gillian&Joshua.. Some time they argued a bit on own point of view when it comes to idea and opinion, but I saw the lovely of them, they always lovely, Gillian was respectful, Joshua was patience. 151 more words

Zoe's Interior Design

Berapa sih ukuran foto 3R, 4R atau yang lebih dari itu?

Mungkin sebagian kita masih bingung jika diminta mencetak foto dengan ukuran 3R atau 4R atau yang lebih besar. Berbeda dengan ketika diminta mencetak ukuran 2×3 , 3×4 atau 4×6 karena itu langsung menunjuk ukuran dalam cm. 129 more words


Contributory Negligence: spotlight on both parties…and elsewhere?

Naturally, the primary focus of any defendant arguing contributory negligence is on the conduct of the plaintiff. At its heart however, contributory negligence is an apportionment exercise. 808 more words