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49 days (2011)

Episode Length: 20

I watched all as they aired.

I read every recap as they were posted mainly on Dramabeans. 677 kata lagi

49 Days

Must watch Korean dramas before 2016

so as 2016 is quietly approaching, we conclude another year of hallyu drama land and open our arms wide for a new year of k dramas. 797 kata lagi

49 Days

49 days.As the days go by moment by moment, meal by meal, urge by urge. The only thing that crosses my mind is am i gonna fall back into the cycle. 144 kata lagi


K-Drama Review: 49 Days (49일)

“49 Days” is a Korean drama broadcasted by SBS back in 2011 wherein the main character, Shin Jihyun, suddenly got into a car accident. It was not her time to die yet so she was given a chance by the ‘scheduler’ to make up for her deeds on earth, and to at least get three pure and sincere tears in order to live again. 1.801 kata lagi

49 Days

Ghostly Shows, Part 1

One of the things I find really interesting is the use of ghosts in Asian shows. Most Western shows treat ghosts as either evil beings or guest stars. 1.438 kata lagi


49 Days

„Human beings’ hearts change, that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding. And it goes on.”

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