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Year of Self Compassion #17 #shepherd

In the Christian calendar today is coined “Good Shepherd Sunday”. It is the metaphor of Jesus being the good shepherd looking after his flock and protecting it from wolves contrasted with the hired hand who doesn’t have the same level of commitment as the Good Shepherd.  637 kata lagi

The Shining (1980)

Emmy says:
The piercing suspense music is obnoxiously loud and drowns out dialogue at times. It is seriously over used and grating; I found myself covering my ears at times during the film.  207 kata lagi


Look up

Sydney can be gorgeous – I’m not sure I’d want to live there, but I love to visit.


Self Care as a Blogger

Despite my somewhat uneasy and self-loathing past, I’ve always known self-care to be an enhancing practice, something that takes many different shapes and forms, yet ultimately is known to revive the soul, the heart and most of all the mind. 521 kata lagi