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I. Beginning (These Four Walls)

Jonathan lay in his bed tossing and turning but the moment his mind drifted from trying to find a comfortable position the images would come back.   388 kata lagi


Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

The Christie Caper / Carolyn G. Hart

Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand bookstore, co-chairs a three day convention of renown authors to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth. 185 kata lagi


Dead no more : The clone conspiracy

This #1 issue is an “Amazing Spider-Man” special event that you’ve probably already read, and if you haven’t, I’ll let you know if you should pick it up. 978 kata lagi

Comic Book

A Mama's Choice

A  Mama’s Choice

by Lucinda Secrest McDowell

A few years ago my eldest daughter chose life – to become a mother. And it caused me to think back to the choice I made the day I  walked out of a Seattle courtroom as… 435 kata lagi