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Contoh Narrative Text "Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang"

Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang

Once, there was a beautiful Javanese princess whose name was Roro Jonggrang whose beauty was very famous in the land was the daughter of Prabu Baka, an evil king. 249 more words

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Contoh Narrative Text "Cinderella"


Once upon a time… there lived an unhappy young girl. Unhappy she was, for her mother was dead, her father had married another woman, a widow with two daughters, and her stepmother didn’t like her one little bit. 1.056 more words

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Narrative Text, Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe as a young man loved to sail to distant lands. His father did not approve of Robinson as a sailor but let Robinson make his own decisions. 505 more words

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