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Because Of You (Chapter 1)

Author : Park Hyun Hwa

Genre : Friendship, little Sci-fi, Sad, Family.

Rating : PG-13 | Length : Chaptered.

Main cast : Do Kyungsoo, Kim Ji Eun (OC),Kim Joon Myeon | Other cast : Find it by yourself. 2.376 more words


[CSI] The Last Agent - First Resistance (Chapter 2)

Author : Saint Clair

Main Cast : Do Kyung Soo & OC

Other Cast : Kim Joon Myeon, Kim Min Seok, Kim Jong Dae, Zhang Yi Xing, Huang Zi Tao… 2.408 more words


[Sequel] The New Helgrind Varden

Author : Saint Clair

Main Cast : Kim Joon Myeon & Kim Sera (OC)

Other Cast : Huang Zi Tao, Wu Yi Fan, Zhang Yi Xing… 1.468 more words