I was think “i want more!”,when i ate this,because i am one of Empek-Empek Lover,but my Mother said “Nanti Gigimu Rusak,Kalo Kau Kebanyakan Makan Empek-Empek”/”Your Teeth Will Broken,If You Eat Empek-Empek Too Much”,little bit about Empek-Empek (if you want to know many more about Empek-Empek,you can googling or visit to a Wikipedia Site),its a food that contain fish,wheat,egg with vinegar and ketchup as a souce,but every Empek-Empek Makers have a Secret Recipe :) Empek-Empek is Cuisine or Food from Palembang City in Southern Sumatera,but origin Empek-Empek actually from China,Palembang is a Cosmopolitan Place,some Civilization is Meet in Palembang,and no except from China. 84 more words